love from heaven (Intro)


hi guys iam shiani . this fiction in my first fiction . i am silent reader of naveena ,reji,tisha,adithi,and more.


abhishek prem mehara- a rock star ,

purab-best friend

dadi – who tc of abhi

dasi- dadi’s sister

tanu shree mehta – ex lover of abhi

pragya- a doctor , doing a big researches , has none
other than her mama and mami and her sister

rana sigh – father of pragya,zamindar of
pritampur,died due to heart attack

sarala rana sigh- mother of pragya ,died,

mama and mami – who has a eye on rana sigh’s wealth

viraj- who wants to marry pragya for her wealth . and son of mama and mami

ram mehara – father of abhi ,died

aliya – sister of abhi .

professor vijay- professor of pragya

i think u like my intro so guys please commet

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  1. Nice intro…i liked it…eagerly waiting for your epi…

  2. nice intro dr………………..

  3. nice you can continue

  4. Nice…

  5. Thank guys for ur comment

  6. good start coni………

    but update long epi

    1. Tanvika

      sorry from next time on wards i will try to give long episode ok

  7. nice…………..intersting

  8. Nice dear plz continue

  9. LakshmiSiva

    Good start keep going dr…

  10. Nice intro…

  11. Superrr… Pls continue…

  12. Nice intro….

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