Love has Heartbreaks – Introduction!


Its like a story which will be divided into Episodes…

The story is of a girl, Aishwarya.. Whose father left her mother when she gave birth to her.. Her mother wrote a letter to her father to raise her up when she came to know that she had cancer which will take her life. When she got a reply, it said that his husband has married another woman due to which she dies with a heart attack. His husband, showing a little sympathy decides to raise up Aishwarya…

When 20 years pass, Aishwarya comes to know about her father’s truth and tries to commit suicide…. However a young boy Amit, sees her trying to jump from a building and stops her.. Amit ask about her problem then she tells him the story and Amit tells her to leave that house and live with him… They become good friends, Best friends, Secret Lovers….
Read the FF for more.. Episode will be updated soom….

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  1. Intrestìng would love 2 read this story

  2. Seems interesting dear…wanna read more update the epi asap

  3. Interesting

  4. Awesome, very interesting story. …plzzzz continue dear, love you loads.

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