Love from Heart – Swaragini Last Episode


Hi darlings reed for a change my new ff

Next day
At rags house
Sanky came direcly to rags house as she Didnt came to place he told .

Dayal:who r u

Sanky:iam sanskar nd I came to meet soona

Dayal:so u r the one now what u want from my daughter just get lost

Sanky:I didn’t came to go today I will not go until I talk with soona

Sumi stopped dayal :ok she is in terrace go nd talk

In terrace rags back is shown


Rag:was shocked nd wiped her tears nd covered her face she didn’t turn back
Y u came

Sanky:actually I want to come hear to clear our misunderstanding but when I was about to come I have seen a person for whome I hurted u
Fb shows
Sanky;swara u hear
Swara:I love u sanky
Sanky:what r u saying swara u love laksh naa
Swara:noo he dont love mee he didnt trust mee
Sanky:noo hee loves u very much but he is possesive thats it

Swara:noo I love u only I loved him by ur ideas
Sanky:then y dont u told me that day when I asked u
Swara:because I dont know u then
Sanky:that means u reajected mee only for the reason u dont know mee nd he stopped nd started thinking yes I also did same thing with my sonaa
Fb ends

Sanky:yes I too did the same thing with u .then I tought y I feell sad if I dont talk to u .y I trust u that much ki altough u told that u did all this my heart is not believing it .then only one ans came in my mind because I love u Yes I love u I didnt get this feeling for swara and rag because I dont love them I was just attracted to them nd now I came to tell that will u bee with mee for my whole life he bend on his knees

Rag:who was listening this was crying with . Joy she turned towards him he didn’t noticed her
She went near him he raised his head nd was shocked to see rag
Sanky:was very happy nd hugged her she too hugged him
Dayal nd sumi see all this nd felt happy

Sanky:soo u r playing with mee (he didn’t released the hug)
Rag:haa I dont have any other option she explained him what she want to do with him but u r lucky u recognised ur love early

Sanky:soo u want to reject mee nd he slowly kept his hand on her waist nd then after belly

Rag:released the hug what r u doing

Sanky:covering ur belly so that it should not be vissable to every one except mee

Rag:ohh possesivee aa

Sanky:y not I have a beautiful girl friend with diamond heart
Rag blushes nd hugged him again

Episode ends
Thk u for supporting mee till now support me fir my next ff also for a changee ur darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Oh god..superb ending…n ofcourse i will support you in ur next ff too.

  2. Will miss your ff a lot.nice ending.

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  4. Superb dear

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