Love from Heart – Swaragini (episode 9)


Tnk u for ur comments nd happy ugadi(new year for us I mean telugu people)..

Sanky:what r u saying rag who called u nd what did they say

Rag:dont know who is she told that u two were in love nd I was coming btwn u two .nd also told that her name is sona

Sanky:was hell shocked noo it cant be done my sona will not do like this she is my friend there is some missunderstanding btwn I will clear wait .

He called but he was at front of her soo she didnt lifted the phone her phn will be in silent

Rag:how she know abt mee ?nd u gave her my no ?nd y is she saying I was betwn u people is she thinking u love mee

Sanky:wait I will give answers to ur questions but after talking to her I dont believe she done like this
He left the place nd called her continously rag smiled evilly by seeing him nd lifted the phone

Sanky:what r u doing y u didn’t lifted the phone nd tell me u called rag

Rag(soona):ohh she told u ya I called her nd told about us
Sanky:what the hell y r u behaving like this
Rag(soona):u made me like this for ur love u played with my feelings
Sanky:I already told u its a misunderstanding nd I dont love u then also nd I dont love u any time we . R just friends

Rag:(sona):so then whome u love the girl who rejected u or ur new boss

Sanky:in an anger yes I love my boss wht u
will doo

Rag:I will not say I wil show u
He cutted the call Nd went to rags cabin

Sanky:sorry rag actually matter is nd he explained every thing

Rag:so she is thinking I am coming btwn u two
Sanky:leave it she became mad she cant able to understand that love will not happen by force nd iam sorry in an anger I told her that I love u

Rag:felt bad but covered it nd said noo prblem its ok I will bee happy for that rumor nd gave a naughty look

Sanky:was surprised
Rag:we should go to meeting tomorrow prepare the presentation

Sanky:was happy nd said only we two

Rag:yes with a naughty smile .y do u have any other work
Sanky:noo nothing more than u

Next day

They went to meeting nd completed their presentation.rag called to some one nd cutted the call and smiled evilly .while returning

Rag:iam hungry can we stop at any of the daba

Sanky saw a daba nd stoped the car they reached the daba nd ordered the fod mean time some goons came nd try to attack rag

Sanky:stopped them nd beated them very badly then he asked who send u hear

Goon :dont know sir one girl called us

Sanky was shocked
Rag:is she soona
Sanky:I cant believe how can she goo this much low

Rag:(I know but what to do u if I will not fo this u will not decide to propose mee (I mean he wil not take a step farward to propose her )thats y she is touching his ego )

Sanky was very upset they reached their home sanky was thinking whole night.
Did she really love mee .noo if she love mee she will think about my happy ness only nd she is trying to soil my happiness . I should bee angry on her but y iam not angry on her nd y iam having a feeling ki she have not done any thing .nd mean time his phone rings
It was sona
Sona:u are a real hero u beat them for ur love
Sanky:no I beat for humanity .
Rag:what do u mean
Sanky:y r u punishing her if u r angry on me u want to beat mee u doo but rag is innocent
Rag(soona):then iam evil
Sanky:dont know my mind telling that u r evil but my heart says not
Rag(soona):was shocked and happy too
Sanky:I want to talk with u I want to meet u

Rag(soona):was shocked for this what???nd y???

Sanky:I will tell tomorrow .the misunderstanding should be cleared

Rag(soona):noo I will not come .
Sanky:u will otherwise I will.come to ur house I know ur adress (purab went to their home naa)

Rag was tensed nd cutted the call
Episode ends screen freezes with tension face of rag

Recap:swara says I love u to sanky

How was it tomorrow max last update tnk u love u all

Credit to: pavani

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