Love from Heart – Swaragini (episode 8)


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Laksh:it is my fault to trust u.

Sanky:yes u dont deserve her as u dont trust her

Laksh:then u deserve her

Sanky:noo she dont deserve mee .nd went from there by keeping his gogles in a dont care manner

Laksh:was numb nd went to convense swara

Sanky called rag nd explained her every thing

Rag:laughed a lot how silly u were

Sanky:u r enjoying for my failure

Rag:ok what is ur next plan

Sanky:to get distracted from swara .I want to divert my mind give me some idea

Rag:hmm look for another girl

Sanky:ohh I forget to tell me one thing a new boss came to my office .u know she is soo hot .every one were trying to flirt with her

Rag:felt proud(common she is also a girl naa if some one praises defnetly girls melt hey naa)ok then y cant u try

Sanky:tought for some time nd said it was a wonderful idea .fom tomorrow I will concentrate on her

Rag:all the best (in mind that is what I want how fast u propose nd how I reject u )

Sanky was thinking about her whole night

Rag came by wearing a saree her slim waist nd leamon coloar belly is vissable to every one.sanky was mesmerised to see her

Sanky called soona(rag)
Rag:saw sanky from her cabin nd lifted it:haa sanky tell mee y u called

Sanky:u know what today my boss wore a saree nd guess what

Rag:soo what

Sanky:she is verry beautiful nd u know what her belly its awsomee

Rag:was shocked nd coverd her belly and see around nd said shut up what r u talking

Sanky:what is wrong I was explaining her beauty nd u r reacting as if I have seen ur belly

Rag:what the *** why will I be angry I was saying its a bad manners

Sanky:ohh plzz dont act I know well about u girls u will wear those to show us only naa nd that too iam not doing any wrong with her nd I didnt have any bad intensions on her I was just enjoying her beauty which she is showing to mee nd ofcourse it is my right to enjoy it hey naa

Rag;was surprised for his speech nd said ok its ur wish nd she cutted the call

Rag wnt to wash room nd kept a single pallu so that her belly is not vissable

Sanky(in mind I should see her again nd he has been thinking for an excuse then he saw a file)now I can meet her

He knocked rag door nd said may I come in
Rag understood his intensions nd said yes

He saw her changing sareee nd dissapointed

Rag:yes sanky y u came hear

Sanky:with a dissapointed tone actually I want ur sign in this filee

Rag:signed nd said can I ask u some thing sanky

Sanky:with an exitement yes

Rag:do u have any girl friend

Sanky:was shocked for her question what ??y r u asking

Rag:ur girlfriend called mee

Sanky:what?????my girl friend.I didnt have any girl friend
Episode ends screen frewzes with shocking face of sanky

Recap:rag san to a trip

Hiii darlings I will end this with in 4/5episodes plzz bare mee urs dear pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Nice ….but i cant understand the story sanky betrayed soona right..then how do he speak again with soona aka ragini….

    1. He betrayed means he tought that it is swaras no its not a complete betrayal but its mis understanding then after he asked her to bee friends

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  3. Mind blowing….plz yaar make it longer

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  7. awesome pav waiting for nxt epi update it asap

  8. Its really awesome di,..dobt end it soon

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