Love from Heart – Swaragini (episode 7)


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After few days sanky was missing rag he wanted to talk with her so he called her

Rag:Iy u called mee again .

Sanky:because I missed u

Rag:was touched by it nd felt happy

Sanky:I know u dont want to talk to meebut we can bee friends hey naaa

Sanky:thank u ok I should goo early today / my new boss is coming

Rag:k bye

Dayal:what r u doing rag if u want to take revange then why u want to be his friend.

Rag:because I want him to trust mee then only I can enjoy his pain

Dayal was silent

Dayal:do u think u r doing right .let him goo.can u see his a father I can support u but as a friend I will give suggesion that u bee ur self dont change plzz dont doo this forget him nd move on in ur life

Rag:I cant dad because I loved him from heart I cant forget him iam taking revangee because I want to change him I want to make him realise that inner beauty matters not outer appearence nd I will do it altough it hurts him

Dayal:hugged her:u still love him

Rag:I cant forget him dad..

In office
Laksh;new boss dont know how she will beee
Sanky:chill yar who ever……….
He stoped talking by seeing a beautiful girl coming

Sanky:wowwww who is she

Laksh:she is our new bosss ragini

Sanky:ohhh she is beautiful

Rag:hellow every one iam ragini ur new boss nd u can call me rag

Every one welcommed her sanky came front and congratulated her by shaking hands

Rag felt something by his touch(she loves him naa)
Rag:nice too meet u mr sanskar
Sanky:thank u nd same to u mam
Rag:not mam just rag .

Sanky with friends
Sanky:she is cool man
Laksh:yes she is

Sanky went to a restaurent nd was shocked to see swara with another guy he called laksh nd told him to come

Sanky:see u told that she loves u nd see now she is with some other person

Laksh:how dare she.she is not atleast listening mee nd now she came with some other person
He angryly went to swara nd said
Laksh:u didnt have time to listen mee but u have time to talk with this guy .ohh he is ur neww friend haa

Swara:saw sanky at back nd she got more angry she stood nd slapped laksh hard nd said.he is my cousin brother nd u again came hear by listening this bleady***** now listen dont show me ur face she gave an angry look to sanky nd left from there

Screen freezes with sanky nd laksh comedy faces

Hii darling is it booring then sorry for not creating intrest in you .I will try hard

Credit to: pavani

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