Love from Heart – Swaragini (episode 6)


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Sanky saw rags no nd cutted the call
He called purab nd scolded him badly nd told him to inform to rag also

Purab:ok its my mistakee I will tell her

Purab in rags house

Purab explained every thing nd said iam really sorry it is a mistake

Rag was totally heart broken
Dayal hold purabs collar nd said is this a game for u playing with their emotions

Rag stopped him nd said leave him dad
:ok I excused plzz tell ur friend to not to call me again this time I excused but if it repeats I will not spare

Rag ran into her room nd started crying

Purab informed to sanky

Sanky talking to his friends
Laksh:u spoiled my love she is not talking with mee
Sanky:what did I doo it was not my mistake
Laksh:dont act u have enjoyed with that girl nd now saying nt ur mistake
Sanky:noo there iss nothing between us
Friends:dont act bro u r a love guru how can we think u didnt done any thing with her
Sanky:wait I will call her nd proove

Sanky called rag .rag saw the name and tought that he called to tell sorry she lifted the call
Rag:now y u called me nd dont say sorry I dont want ur sorry nd dont want to talk with u

Sanky:wait wait why will I say sorry it is not my mistake

Rag:was surprised nd got angry nd said then y u called

Sanky:actually my friends were thinking that we were in love u just tell them that we didnt love each other

Rag:rag was broken (as she really loved him )she was fuming in.anfer as he didnt have any guilt for what he done nd said ok

Sanky:kept the phone in speaker nd said told her to tell her friends

Rag:to take revange knowingly that the speaker is on she told wait wait sanky what should I tel ohh that we were not lovers thats it naa

Sanky face became blank after listening to her he undrstood that she is angry

Rag cutted the call nd started crying
Dayal saw her nd consoled her

Dayal:dont cry for a person who dont care about you.

Rag:he didnt have atleast guilt ki he has hurted the girls feeling how Can he be soo heart less

Dayal:dont cry I will not leave him I will complaint to police that he cheated u

Rag:noo dad (she wiped her tears ).dad I want a favour can u doo that

Dayal:anything for u dear .

Rag:I waant a job as the head of sanky in his company .

Dayal:ok its not a big thing I will do it

Sumi:y u want to face him

Rag:he dont know mee mom I will take this as my advantage

Dayal:what are u up too rag

Rag:I will make him realise how will be the pain of heart broken if our love is reason for it soo when.will be my job ready dad

Dayal :in a week it will .

Rag:with a smirk get ready to face a betrayal this time from ur soonaa

Episode ends
Screen freezes with rags revange look .

Recap:meeting of sanky nd rag .

Urs darling pav

Credit to: pavani

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