Love from Heart – Swaragini (episode 5)


Hii darlings felt happy after reading ur comments actually iam trying very hard to create some intrest in my plot as many of yhem known the concept nd it didnt have any suspenses but I dont think that its enough I will try hard but up to my lavel only I already told u iam not a fab writer nd just want to write thats it ok I will stop my nonsense .so we go my beautifull rosess

Rag started loving sanky

In sankys room
Laksh:bro she accepted my love all this is because of u nd now I want to give u a treat
Sanky:no need u r happy naa enjoy with ur love
Laksh:atleast see my love bro

At coffee shop
Laksh nd sanky were waiting
Swara entered sanky(in mind what is she doing hear is she folloing mee ya she saw mee naa nd he is feeling happy)
She sat beside laksh
Laksh:soo boss this is swara my love
Sanky:was hell shocked and said what????
How can it bee possible .the girl whome I love was she only .
Swara:what the hel is he talking
Sanky:soona y r u talking like that u talk to mee taily naa
Swara:what??? I have seen u for the first time
Laksh:what is going on nd swara y my bro will lie there is something wrong
Swara:u dont believe mee laksh
Laksh:not like that but sanky never lies
Swara went from there with an anger
Sanky was confused laksh went with swara to convence her
Sanky called purab nd asked him to tell the no again
Purab told nd sanky noticed that the no he took was wrong nd he was shocked

At swaras place
Sanky:iam sorry actually I loved u after seen u for the first time .nd I asked purab for no he gave me wrong no nd I used to talk with her by thinking that it was u

Swara:soo what should I doo
Sanky:I love uuu

Swara nd Laksh were shocked
Laksh:wt r u saying bro
Sanky:the truth actually she loved u because of thaae ideas I have given to u to impress her
Swara:what the hell lucky u took some other ideas to impresmee nd u pointing towards sanky I dont love u nd will never love u better stay away from mee .she went from there with a range

Laksh:wt is this sanky u spoiled my love
Sanky:ur love that is silly u didnt have guts to face her nd tell directly to her that u love her nd u r talking about love its funny

Laksh:I love her there is no need that we should be brave to love a person I admire her nd love her from core of my heart

Sanky:she loved my ideas not u

Laksh :but now she loves me only.nd now iam saying stay away from us

Sanky was fully broken now he gets a call from rag nd screen freezes

Episode ends at phone showing soona calling

I know its very small but sry situation demanded love u guys urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  2. I am confuse in this epi not able to understand what’s it i already read 5 times bt also can’t understand

    1. Hii misha the phone no with whome sanky was talking was rags nd sanky was thinking it is swaras no as pirab gave that no as swaras but that day purab in a hirry gave wrong no so today he came to know the truth

  3. awesome

  4. oh no…..sanky ?
    but episode is as always superb,…pav ?

  5. Awesome yaar

  6. nyc……..this story resembles 2 a telgu movie….staring nithya menon n nithin………..

  7. who is the movie hero & heroin?

  8. super pav

  9. Amazing…….pls post next part asap

  10. Awesome episode…..

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