Love from Heart – Swaragini (episode 4)


Hiii darlings thank u for ur wonderful comments .darlings I want to clear one thing this is ragsan ff only I will not change pairs now nd ha it is concept of gundejaari gallanta iyyindii but my presentation will bee different really thank u for ur comments

Sanky cutted the call nd talked to him self what is this sycoism darling whatt some one should talk to u with out seeing ur face aa??any ways thank god I told that I called to an alternative no ok now see how I will impress u

Laksh:whast boss seems like ur love story have come to a track

Sanky:of course who is hear ???

Laksh:yes u r a love guru clear my prblm plzz
Sanky:ok call ur lover and tell her to meet in coffe cafe .nd ha keep this blue tooth with u nd tell her what I say ok

Laksh :ok it will work naa
Sanky:dont fear when sanky is hear

At coffee shop
Swara:ok tell me raa y u called me
Laksh:(sanky in blue tooth):I love u swara.actually I want to say lets date .then if u like me u say yes

Swara:who was shocked what r u saying laksh I didnt expect this from u

Laksh:(sanky from blue tooth):dont act swara u knuw that I like u nd iam trying hard to impress u.u giuls willwille to know if a boy was staring from a long distdistane pretend that u dout lnow about it then how come u dont know that iam loving u that too from 5 years (mee ammailaki ekktalisipotadi doram nundi chuste nee talisipotadi veedu try chastunadu ani tali alantidi ne pakkanee undi 5years nundi try chastuntee neku taleedaa malli em talinattu natistunave)

Swara:was silent nd drinking coffee

Laksh:(sanky from blue tooth)actually if u dont like mee then u will not sit hear till now for a coffee

Swara:gave an angry look nd went away at while going she turned back nd gave a smile

Laksh:was jumping in a joy nd said thank u bhai thank u if u need any help for ur love tel mee

Sanky:noo need u enjoy ur date
(In mind when will my love grow)

Sanky called rag
Rag:haa sanky tell mee
Sanky:soo u saved my noo

After month
Their bonding became strong
Swara accepted laksh proposal for sankys ideas
One fine day

Rag called sanky
Rag:hello sanky did a parcle camee to ur house
Sanky:parcle?? What parclee ?
Rag:wait a min have some patience
Nd bell rings in sankys house A parcle came
Sanky opened it nd saw a braclet
Sanky:so this is for mee
Rag:yaa happy birthday
Sanky:how do u know
Rag:I know it
Sanky:soo u searched in fb about mee
Sanky:this is cheating
Rag:noo it is saftey iam a girll naa
Sanky:k we came to know each other naaa y we cant meet
Rag:some more time I needed .
She started feeling for sanky

Episode ends

Screen freezes with happy face of rag
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Credit to: pavani

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