Love from Heart – Swaragini (episode 3)


Hii darlings I think u are getting boared I will try to make itmore ibtresting

Sanky didnt slept nd he called purab to ask her no

Purab :common bulbul u can do ur work after words lets go
Bulbul:y soo hurry (with a naughty smile)
Purab:I will tell u in bed room he lifted her nd went to their room nd kept her on bed nd is about to jiss her his phone rings .he is irritated nd lift the phone

Sanky:wt r u doing
Purab:whats the time what every one will doo
Sanky:ok I want her no give me now
Purab:will give u tomorrow
Sanky:noo I want it now otherwise I will not allow u to sleep
Purab:ok wait nd he took bulbul phone nd in a hurry he changed one no .now leave mee(bechara newly married na cant control )

Sanky cutted the call nd called to that no but no one lifted .he tried 4/5times

Purab was again in a mood nd when he was about to romance his phone again rings

Purab:now what
Sanky:she is not lifting the,phone
Purab:have u lost what is the time she may slept now try tomorrow,
Sanky:yaa u r,ri8.nd now it is,conformed that she didnt have lover too
Purab :how
Sanky:as she is not talking in mid nights,
Purab:what ever .k gd ni8
Sanky:k give phone to bulbul I should talk to her Purab:in a tension why??
Sanky:i want to ask about my darling
Purab:(in mind he is not leaving )she slept
Sanky:ok wt else
He taliked for an hour Sanky:ok gd ni8
Purab,was happy he cutted the call nd turned towards bulbul (ha ha ha she slept ).he kept his hand on his forehead..

Rag woke up ndsaw 5missed calls nd called but sanky was sleeping as he slept late in night

In college
Rag:hii guys
Friends:hi rago.
Rag:u know what yesterday.I got a call from unknown noo
Friends:what who is that guy .
Rag:dont know not talked till now
Mean time sanky called her she lifted it
Rag:hello whoz this.
Sanky(soo sweet voice ):hii mee ur old friend in school did u forgetted mee
Rag:confused who she told all names but he told noo
Sanky:u rememberd all but forgeted mee
Rag:turned towards her friends nd said now tell who is doing this trying to play with,mee
Sanky was listening
Friends :noo yar y will we doo soo
Rag:hello I know u r not my friend now tell me who told u to call mee
Sanky:u guessed right iam not ur friend I tought u will tell it first only .insted of asking me to tell my name u should have asked me to tell ur name
Rag:what u dont know my name
Sanky:yaa I dont know anything about u
Friends:what really then u can flirt with my friend she too want a person who should love her with out seeing her face but love her by seeing her heart so it would work for u
Rag took the phone nd said k what is ur name
Sanky:my name is sanky .hee gave about all his details .now tell me about u
Rag:noo I will not if u want u can talk like this nd buy the way how u got my no
Sanky:just I dialed a no nd it is urs ok plzplzzleast tell me ur name
Sanky:ok I will call u by my,wish hmmmm.k I will call u soona (gold)(bangaram)
Rag:ok bye
She cutted the call nd with information sanky gave she searched in fb nd saw sankys photo
Friend:u r cheating u told u dont want to know about him nd now u r gathering information about him
Rag:common yar iam girl I should have my safety

Screen freezes with smyling face of rag
Recap:not decided

Credit to: pavani

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