Love from Heart – Swaragini (episode 2)


Hii darlings with one more updatee..

Laksh:are sanky where r u its becoming late
Sanky:chilll darling coming I know how to convance purab
Laksh:ya come fast
LAKSH:are yar where is this sanky
Sanky:hear iam
They went to wish purab
Sanlak:happy anniversary darling
Purab:ohh now u remembered mee
Sanky:went to bring gift for u
Bulbul:ohh this is new excuse haa
Sanky:common sweety y will I lie to u.u r my sweet heart naa

They have a beautiful time nd after some time laksh get a call nd he left from there

After an hour a beautiful girl enters with a light pink lehanga

Man1:how cute she is .she is like an angle(em undi raa devata laa).
Man2:the person who marries her will be the luckyest person
Sanky listened them nd turn back to see her he is mesmarised with her beauty

Sanky:wowww she is awsome he took his phone and click her photo

He showed the photo and asked her noo
Purab:ohh she is bulbuls friend I will msg u her no dont worry
AFTER 2days

Sanky:salle to send a phn no how much time u need (nneeeeaayyaphn no pampadaniki anta time kavali ra)

Purab:ohh sorry yar try to undestand we r newly married naa .k I will msg u by evening

Laksh:about whome r u asking sanky
Sanky:ohh u didnt saw her naa actually after u went from there Ia girl came she is very beautiful so I asked purab to give her no
Licky:really then show me naa
Sanky:no after I suceed in my love I will show u
Laksh:u r very confident bro u have confidence altough u dont know her nd see me she is my chaild hood friend nd iam not able to atleast tell her my feelings
Sanky:what u r loving some one woww .u didn’t told me till now
Laksh:actually she hate love so don’t know how to tackle her
Sanky:there are many ways to tackle girls nd don’t worry I will help u to get ur love
Laksh :thnk u sanky nd hugged him

both sanky nd laksh were dreaming about their girls
Now the girls face whome sanky loving is shown she is none other than sswara

So from tomorrow both will be in work to gain swaras love unknowingly that their love was same girl

Epi ends with smying faces of our heroes

Precap:not yet decided

Howzz it darlings .plzz doo comments love u all

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Awesome yaar…waiting for next episode…ur ff is nyc…

  2. Plzzzzz make it swasan yaar….dont make it ragsan…. Its a big request yaar

    1. Sry anu its ragsan only

  3. Faboulous job….but plzzzzzz make it swasan yaar….i love swasan yaar….
    Waiting for next part…plzzzz swasan

  4. oh god.. sorry to this but its a Telugu movie story which ur writing dear and the name of that movie is gundejaari gallanthainde..right?

  5. sorry if I have hurted or may be its a coincidence

    1. No need of sorry I think u r reading my ff for the first time I mentiond it before .ya the concept will be same but my presentation will be diff see my previous ffs they were also telugu movies

  6. Its awesome di…?

  7. Nice

  8. Awesome dear….

    1. Tnk u anu I think u r also if so iam really sorry dear it is also ragsan only

  9. Awesome di . Love triangle.I loved it. Waiting for nxt.

  10. pav u r as usual rocking

  11. Superb
    waiting fr ragsan metting(in phone)

  12. Really nice……pav ?
    dinkachika episode ??

  13. no ragini in this part but amazing can i know the pairs

  14. Thanks for swalak because in every ff where love triangle between swasanlak there pair is swasan

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