love is heart of life ( twinj love story) Episode;-9


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******************* EPISODE :- 9 **************

Next day , at college

Kunj is shown sitting in canteen with his some friends ( Rahul, Arnav & Vicky )
V- bro…if u want then we can help u in finding her name….
R- ya….just order us & her kundli is infront of u in few minutes…
K- no….
A- but…
K- I said no then no…I’m kunj sarna …so I won’t get happiness in those things which get me easily…& don’t worry…she only will gonna introduce herself with me…just wait & watch…
& he leaves…

He came outside d canteen & wear his shade but suddenly he is shocked by admiring someone..he took out his shade & was mesmerised by someone..
A girl is shown wearing one piece ( up till her knees)( it is silky purple colour one piece & net design is on it) her hair is left open…she is wearing purple colour long earrings & purple pencil heel …she is looking gorgeous…& is known other than twinkle..
She walked towards her class with her bff chinki
C- oh no i forgot to call mom…twinkle u go.. I’ll came later by attending this call
T- ok but come soon
& chinki leaves
twinkle was about to leave but stop by someone…
T- kunj..
k- thank god kisi bahane se mera nam to liya…by d way u r looking beautiful today miss..( this plan will definitely work)
T- thanks but I no need a complement from chipku
& she walk away
k- chipku & me… ok now I’ll show her how d real chipku was

Twinkle was walking when suddenly she feel a tap on his shoulder…she turn but no one was there so she turn again &
T- aaaahhh…( being backward)
as kunj suddenly came infront of her
T- u ( tucking her hair behind her hair) r u mad …u just scared me…ok now leave my way let me go…
she was about to leave when kunj hold her wrist

K- Dekha hai tujko jabse, haaye main to hil gaya
Lagta hai mere seene se dil nikal gaya

He came infront of twin & take out a balloon of heart shape from inside his jacket & hand over that balloon to twinkle but she burst that balloon with her sharp nails….

(Dekha hai tujko jabse, haaye main to
hil gaya
Lagta hai mere seene se dil nikal
gaya )

She again turns & about to leave when kunj hold her hand & make her turns towards him & handover her another heart shape balloon she again burst it but this time glitters came out of it & fall on both of them…seeing this twinkle smile little bit but then move from their ….

(Mummy se kya Daddy se bhi milaaunga
Arrey jo bhi main kahun tujhe lagta
hai kyun galat…

Twinkle turns kunj came infront of her & dance
(Tera dhyan kidhar hai,tera hero idhar
hai (x3)
Toh palat~
Tujhe itni bhi khabar hai,ke tera
hero idhar hai
Tera dhyan kidhar hai,tera hero idhar

(Arrey aah,kahi coffee pilau tujhe
He hold twinkle hand & make her sit on one table of canteen

(Haan ya,koi picture dikhau tujhe main)
He snap his finger & two boys came infront of them with TV

(Chal,le chalu tukhko aisi jagah
O meri jaan-e-jaan
Jahaan humko nahin,ho kisiki khabar
Jahaan laage lage,na kisiki nazar)

He make her sit in his car…& pretends to drive….she got up from her sit & about to jump from that car when he pull her back but she again stand & he again make her sit but she somehow manage to got down from his car….
(Arrey jo bhi main kahun tujhe lagta
hai kyun galat…
Twinkle turn & give him a death glare

(Tera dhyan kidhar hai,tera hero idhar
hai (x3)
Toh palat~
Tujhe itni bhi khabar hai,ke tera
hero idhar hai
Tera dhyan kidhar hai,tera hero idhar

He hold her wrist but she jerk his hand… He again hold her wrist but this time tightly …she was trying to lose his grip but all in vain …she get irritate & bite
his hand & leave …
K- Ho, kehta hai kyun mujhko zamana ( he take a look of d portion of his hand & see d print of her teeth & sing )
Arrey haan,nahin asaan hai tujhko

K- Aah,tere nakhre uthaau Sanam

(He again came infront of her & take her bag & began to walk but she came & snatch her bag)

K- Mujhko Teri kasam ,
Taang du chand ko, teri khidki pe
Taak du jaan ko,teri kurti pe main

He again came infront of her & bend down on his knee & handover a moon ( not real man made) but she again move back & move towards her class….
Here kunj stands & say
Arrey jo bhi main kahun tujhe lagta
hai kyun galat…
Arrey PALAT…

Tera dhyan kidhar hai,tera hero idhar
hai (x3)
Toh palat na~)

This time twinkle turns and smile
T- pagal

( Tujhe itni bhi khabar hai,ke tera
hero idhar hai
Tera dhyan kidhar hai,tera hero idhar
He rub his back hair & smile
K- haseen to faseen…

& screen frezed on twinj face…..

PRECAP:- finally twinj friendship.

how was it?
sorry if I bored u by this… but really I don’t get d ideas so decided to write this only
& once again so sorry for late posting but pls this time forgive me & there is a surprise for u all but after two epi…
& thank u all for ur heart touching comments..its give me strength to writem
more…ok meet u soon but this time early ….ok bye…& pls tell me how was d epi..

Credit to: Sonali

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it Sonali waiting for the next part 🙂

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    Finally Sonali u posted
    I was waiting for it
    N the episode was Rocking…
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    Sonali …thank u soooooo much dear for posting ur ff ….u r right I was waiting for ur ff …nd felt so happy to see it …..
    U bored us…haahaaa..joke na karo yr.. itne ache episode ko koi boring kahega kya batao bhala …..
    The scenes u portrayed along wid songs were amazing… I was literally imagining twinj cute scenes…
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  7. Saby

    today only came across ur ff and read all the parts from starting
    dear too good yaar…. full song mein i could visualise twinj k nakreyyy and ufff it ended with the song itself…
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    Awwwww….so cute and fantastic episode…I was waiting for you and happy to see you’ve posted.

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