love is heart of life ( twinj love story) Episode;-8

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%%%%%%%%%% EPISODE :- 8 %%%%%%%%%%

A class is shown ,

Chinkle was shown sitting in 3rd bench while uv was shown sitting in 4th….

Twinkle were bussy in reading books while chinki in finding something in her bag.

C- twinkle….uv….
Twiraj- what happen ?
C- I…I’m finding my watch since 15 min but its not found anywhere…..I think I lost it some where ( & began to cry) its my dad gift….I’m so careless…
Uv- I think u forgot it in ur home itself
C- no uv…its was with me only till d car.
T- chinki…just calm down..& now remember where u……wait..u said that last time u see it in ur car…so it must be in ur car…u must be find it there only
C- ya…I think u r right ..
Chinki leaves

Just then a boy came there with full tashan & directly go & sit beside twinkle.
T- excuse me( politely)
But she get no respond from that boy
T- hello…Mr…( loudly) did u able to listen me( waving his hand infront of his eyes.)
B- who…. ( looking here & there ) me …
T- no…no…I’m talking with ur ghost( irritate) of course u na….as u only sit beside me …
B- actually its not my fault its ur…u must be call me by my name na…I think u forgot my name don’t worry I’ll introduce myself again
I’m kunj sarna
T- whatever …I’m not having any kind of intrest in u or in ur name…now pls get up & leave this place…as this is chinki place
K- y… Is there written any name of chinki…( pretend to find) but I’m not seen it anywhere..

Just then chinki enter there…twinkle ask her did she find her watch…chinki nodded in yes & a smile appear on her face
T- now pls would u get up Mr sadu as she return
C- its ok twinkle ! I’ll sit with uv
T- but….
K – she also agree with now what’s ur problem haah?
T- but I don’t wanna to sit here with u…so pls left this place…
K- no….I’ll sit here only only…do whatever u want..
T- ok if u want to sit here .. sit but i’m going…as I don’t sit with stupid
K- ok!
T- haan…( how can someone like this…just want to kill him)
She turn to see any empty place there but d whole class was full
T- ( think)oh no…there is no place for me…oh babaji y its always happens with me…now I’ve to sit with this sadu
Twinkle return to her place…kunj smile brightly
K- tututututu…if u want to sit here sit but I’m going (mimic)
T- oh pls stop teasing me ok! and I’m not dying to sit with u…

Just then a lady came there & introduce herself as Prof Priya bakshit & began to teach after sometime bell rings & all went towards canteen

Next screen
At canteen,
Chinle was sitting on one of d table of d canteen…just then a siddhu came theeir

T-( think) oh no ye siddhu phir aa gaya….kuch toh soch twinkle bhaga isse yaha se

S- hey baby how r u …..did I join u both…offcorse as I’m ur friend
t- when I said that u r my friend ( Mann toh kar Rana hai issue chair we niche giradu)

He was about to sit on chair but suddenly suddenly a ball hit that chair & d chair move away & siddhu fall down….
everyone present their except chinkle began to laugh….
T( thinks) tututututu bichara….thank u babaji apne to meri dil ki bat sunli aur usee pura bhi karliya….that’s y u r my best freind ( thank u babaji u heard my wish & complete it really soon…that’s y u r my best friend)
siddhu stand up & compose himself & get angry

S- who dares to make me fall?…who?( in loud voice)

Suddenly a voice came
V- me….
Everyone look at d side from where d voice came…
There shown a boy wearing a white shirt hanging blue goggle in it , black jeans & red jacket was tied on his waist… He is playing with d ball….& is none other than charming boy kunj..
He came towards siddhu & say
K- I did this any problem….( doing his one eyebrow while playing with d ball & balancing d ball by his index finger..)
S- u….u did this( I low tone ) nice throw ….keep it up…& I don’t have any problem vith this…
K- good…honi bhi nahi chahiye…..shukar mana…shukar mana ki mera goal ye chair tha warna….( be thankfully..that my goal was this chair only else…) now get lost…

Siddhu was about to leave but stop by kunj voice
K- aur sun….das….das feet dur rehenga tu inse…( & listen..u will be ten feet away from them ) or else u next time my goal was ur face
Siddhu leaves….

Kunj throw that ball towards his friend & move towards chinkle…
Twinkle notice this & get up & collect her things from table( ready to leave)
T- l..let’s go chinki….( thinks- y he coming towards us … common twinkle move from here or new syappa will create here)

She was about to leave but chinki pull her back & make her sit on her chair…
C- chill…yaar…he gone na
Kunj came there
K – ya she is right….. But uptill now u won’t tell me ur name miss…..( forwarding his hand towards twinkle)
T- chinki..I’m not feeling well here let’s go….
Twinkle get up & drag chinki with her….
& they leave
K- ufff…soon u only gonna tell me ur name ….
miss attitude….meet u soon
& he wear his goggle

The screen freezes on twinkle & kunj face..

Guys sorry for being late…actually I write more two ff on other serial… So, its not possible to post it daily but I’ll try to post at least 3 epi in a weak….
& once again thanks for ur all support & keep supporting like this…

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    Superbb epi ?? n kunj style was too awesome plzz continue asap ??

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