love is heart of life ( twinj love story) Episode;-7

hi! friends, Sonali is here with 7th epi of ” love is heart of life”.
But before moving to our next epi ,
I want to do some correction in it as some days before I watched ” ek tha raja ek thi rani”
& there I saw d little same track( two childhood friends which get separate from each because of misunderstanding & after a leap they meet with each other & started to fall for each other)..d reason may be different for their separation but track is same na… I decide to do a little bit change in my ff
So d change or u can say correction is here

Here in my ff twinj r not a childhood friend so that they r stranger for each other

I know guys now u r really confused & must be hell angry on me but trust me guys I don’t had any other option….

dont worry guys its wouldn’t affect on my ff as in those 7 days I find solution for it this new track its gonna more interesting…so chilled guys & just enjoy
& sorry guys for late posting actually in those days I’m so much tense about this new track, that how to changed it suddenly

i want to thank all my dearest friends
* lover- thanks lover…& ya i always read ur ff. Its really awesome ff but sometime i can’t get d time to comment. really sorry for that…
* Sayeeda- thanks sayeeda…. Thanks alot
* zikra- thanks zikra & a big thanks to u as u always do comments in my ff
* Rashiwarma2199- thank u rashi……thanks a lot & keep commenting
* Satakshi- I’m glad that u loved my ff…thanks satakshi..
* twinjfan( tamanna ) – thanks dear….& Thank u so much for always commenting
* Dreamer- Arundhati – hey thanks arundhati …thanks a lot
* jenny- thank u jenny…I’m glad that u like my ff
* Ria – thank u ria..tq so much

Once again thank to all my dearest friend & I want to also thank all my dearest freinds

So now enough of bak-bak let move towards our next epi

*************** EPISODE : – 7 ***************
At college
Chinkle reached at their new classroom,
T- wow….chinki its too good na( classroom)
C- did u know who is he?
T- hey chinki, where r u lost yaar?
Here I’m talking about this class but whom r u talking about?
C- I’m talking about d boy whom u mess with 5 min ago
T- oh so u r talking about that idiot….
C- what r u doing yaar twinkle….u know who is he….. He is Kunj Sarna… This college is just like his only as each & every student listen him….no one dare to mess with him….even d whole college control is in his hand as his father is d biggest trusty of d college…but what u did twinkle….u know that kunj sarna is d lion of this college & what u did, u put ur hand in lion’s mouth….now I don’t know what gonna happen……babaji pls help us…

T- oh plss chinki nothing will happen & listen one thing chinki…..I’m also twinkle taneja d daughter of RT, d commissioner police of Mumbai…….I’m not afraid with any one & if he is lion then I’m lioness …….
Chink get a call
C- twinkle I’m coming in 5 min
T- ok
& she leave

Here screen shift to UV
Uv- did u get any info about that new girl
B- ya ……she is twinkle taneja. She leaves in Mumbai city & his father is commissioner police of Mumbai
Uv- is this info is true? & from where u get this …in so much of less time
B- by her…….actually I follows her & when she is talking with her friend I listen every thing
Uv- thanks for helping me.

Twinkle is shown sitting on bench thinking
T- yeh chinki kaha rah gayi..

Suddenly a boy come there
B- hi! myself sidhart….aur log mujhe pyar se siddhu kahate hai….
T- ( think) babaji ek toh ye chinki mil nahi rahi aur yhe idiot…..ughh……pata nahi is college mein aur kaisse-kaise namuno se mera pala padega
Pehle woh kunj kya kam tha jo ab ye idiot bhi aa gaya , what his name…….ya siddhu …actually iska nam toh buddhu chahiye the….bl*dy idiot

Si- did u said anything
T- yes…I mean no nothing buddhu……I…I mean siddhu….excuse me

She leaves from their & come outside. She was continuously trying to call chinki when suddenly she slightly collide with someone( guess who…..kunj…no guys its UV) she was busy in mobile so she ignore this & walk away ..UV turn back to see her but she walk away..

UV – ( think ) what a strange girl…she even don’t say sorry to me …..leave it

UV was about to leave from there when he saw a earring falling on ground
Uv- I think it must be her earrings who passes from here just min ago……but where I gonna find her …….

Suddenly his eye fall on d girl who is wearing same cloth . he walk towards her
Uv- excuse me….

The girl turn & is none other than twinkle
T- yes…
But there is no reaction came from uv as he was lost in her beauty……her silky-shiny black hairs……her deep shiny-black eyes (like a crystal) which reflects innocence ……but
Suddenly disturbed by a sweet voice
T- helo…helooo Mr….r u hearing me
U- ya I…actually I want to ask u is it urs( showing her d earrings)
Twinkle immediately touched her ear & get shocked
T- ya…its mine …but from where u get this…thank u ….thanks a lot ….u don’t know how this earrings meant to me…my mom gifted to me…thanks….
By d way I’m Twinkle….Twinkle taneja ( forwarding her hand towards him )
Uv-( think- oh its means She is that new girl….she is so beautiful….I don’t know how its possible for kunj to broke such a beautiful girl’s heart ….look at her she is so innocent…no I won’t let this happen i should keep her away from kunj)
T- ( snapping her finger ) hello where u lost again haan
uv – oh i…im sorry & yah myself Yuvraj lutra but u can call me uv
T- uv….cute name. so friends.
uv- OK…freinds
Suddenly twinkle heard a voice
V- twinkle…u here…u know from 15 min I’m searching u in whole college
T- oh chinki…plss haan u r not searching me even I’m searching u..where were u haan
C- actually…I’m… Uv….( noticed uv standing there) twinkle meet him ….he is UV( pointing towards uv) my friend & uv meet her
U- she is twinkle……right…don’t shock…we already meet which each other & became friends
Suddenly tanggg…tanggg…tanggg. Bell rang
C- oh no….we’ve to run towards our class as its miss bakshi period
They all three run towards their class & screen freezed

Credit to: sonali


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