love is heart of life ( twinj love story) Episode;-6


hey friend…I’m here with 6th epi but before that I want to thank all my dearest friends for their comments…..thank u all & also thanks to all silent readers

Episode :- 6 ( VI )

A stylish bike is shown (2011 Suzuki GSX R600 ) & then a boy is shown riding that bike
His face is not shown clearly. He is wearing white v-shirt with red jacket & black denim pant & blue goggle…now his killer smile is shown….now his full handsome face is shown he is none other than our handsome hunk kunj

Kunj reached at college…….everyone start staring at him ( girls coz of his killer look & boys coz of jealousy) . kunj park his bike on d middle of school ground & then throw his key towards another boy & sign him to park.
he take out his water bottle & pour all d water on his face & all girl start coming towards him. Kunj winks at them & start dancing with them on song
(Bach ke zara zara, shaitaniyan meri
Oh ladies
Oh ladies
Kar ke zara zara beimaniyan meri
Oh ladies
Oh ladies
Karoon seena zori seena zori,
Tumhe hona ho manzoor
Phir dil ki chori, dil ki chori
Hai mera kya kusoor
Kya karoon Oh ladies!
O o Kya karoon oh ladies
Main hoon aadat se majboor (x2))
hozoor hozor
Main hoon adaat we majboor

Chinkle reached there & enter in d college..

Twinkle started looking here & there (in case wondering her new college)
Suddenly air start flowing

T- ( think) y I’m feeling that today I’m gonna meet with my life

& then her eyes fall on kunj ( but couldn’t able to see his face as his back was facing her) who is still dancing with girls

T-( think) oh god! how can someone like that….see how he is flirting with almost all girls but y it is affecting me…..leave it twinkle ………but I hope kunj will not like that

Now twinkle is able to see kunj face as now he turn his face towards her.
Kunj eyes fall on twinkle & he noticed that she is continuously staring him . twinkle see this & start looking here & there & he get lost in her

K(think) – who is she?…….must be new here but y I’m feeling I know her …….whatever ….

Kunj take a step towards her ….twinkle noticed this

T- ( think) y this idiot coming towards me…..

Twinkle held chinki’s hand

T- ch….ch…chinki…..let’s go ….we have to find our class…

They r about to leave when Kunj came there
K- hey chinki( hugging)…….who is she( pointing towards twinkle)….is she new here……hey myself ( forwarding his hand towards twinkle)

But before he could complete he is lost in twinkle’s sweet voice
T- let’s go chinki……I’m not interested in talking with strangers…..

& she leave …chinki also leave with her

K-( think) so much of ego haaaaa…..just wait & watch …. how I’ll break ur ego
He smirk but suddenly disturb by a voice

V- tu..tu..tu..tu……what bro…..remember what u said last night that every girl fall for u….now what happen haaan……she even not interested to talk with u……..I heard that she is from Mumbai…….OK OK now I get it ……..y she is not interested in u……as u r not her type…….

Now Kunj anger is in highest peak
K- what?????…….haan what u want to say…….u know who I’m ..… I’m Kunj sarna…….every girl fall for me even ur sis…..oh now I get it……u r taunting me as last weak I broke ur sis heart by rejecting her….so u r taking revenge….is I’m right?

D- don’t u dare to take her name…..but I’m glad to know u remember it as I thought u forgot it….
He is turn to leave but stop.( Kunj & dev r facing their back )
K- dev….one month & she will be mine ( still in same position)
Dev turn
D- what…..what just u said
k – I want to say that……in one month d new girl will fall for me & its a bet of 50, 000….would u agree for this

D- I don’t want that money…..but if u loose u’ll gonna ask for forgiveness from my sis & that too infront of whole college…did u agree for this( forwarding his hand towards Kunj)
K- OK done(by joining his hand with dev)

UV see this from far

Uv- (think) oh no ….new syappa…what should I do now…..I’ve to meet that new girl& should help her…………..but how…..ya idea…..she is chinki friend .so, its easy now

The screen freezes

PRECAP:- • uv meet with twinkle & lost in her beauty
• Kunj plan to impress twinkle.

Sorry guys for such a late update …..& pls c

Credit to: sonali

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  2. nice episode dear sonali and if you get time then please do read my first ff prank played by destiny beyond our thinking.

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