love is heart of life ( twinj love story) Episode;-5


A big bungalow is shown .There shown a nameplate “Sarna Mention”
Now d camera shift inside d bungalow….it was really beautiful that everyone has dream to had such a bungalow…its wall is in white &red colour combination & d pillars is made up of gold ……it has a unique combination of white & golden all over d house & stairs fully made up of gold & red carpet is lying on that……… the hall is fully decorate with red & golden artificial flowers & is looking more beautiful with red & white curtain which is tide with a pillars…..

Now, a big room is shown,
Its too big & beautiful. Its wall had a shade in white & purple combination ….
Coming to d right side of room…there shown a some musical instrument r kept therein proper way & all d instruments r nicely arranged Now coming to d left there shown a couch of golden colour & at d backside there shown a artificial golden & silver flowers r decorated in heart shape designs & in d middle of d heart a twinj childhood photo is there…now coming to d middle its shown a round bed with golden colour furniture& red bedsheets with golden colour pillow . there shown a boy still sleeping.,
A servant came near him & said
S- sir pls wake up….manohar sir is coming here to check is u ready or not.
By listening this the boy jump out of bed
B- what?? Y didn’t u wake me earlier ( his back is shown)
S- sir I try it many time but…
B- its ok
Uv enters there
Uv:- kunj what r u doing yaar we r getting late…ok go & get ready manohar uncle is calling u
Listning this kunj rush towards bathroom

After five minutes he came out of washroom wearing jeans only
now his bare chest is shown …a servant came there with taking so many type of top.he chose one of those & wore it …..then next servant came there taking varieties of jacket….then next one with variety of watches & then shoes & then finally googles..
Now he is ready .
He is wearing white v-top with red jacket & black jeans with red & silver wrist watch & goggles . first his eyes is shown then his lips … his whole face is shown ……he is known other Our hero kunj.

At road
Chinkle is on d way of college . chinki is driving car & twinkle is sitting next to her
C- twinkle today I’ll gonna meet u with all my friends & ya of course kunj & uv as they r my best friends like u……u know twinkle now like childhood we 4 r again with each other &……
T- chinki plss its a request plss don’t tell anyone that I’m there childhood friend twinkle….
C- but y ….
T- plss
C- but…….ok ( think:- what’s happen to her ….y she don’t want to know her identity to anyone)

The screen freezes on shocked face of chinki & sad face of twinkle.

PRECAP:- • kunj dance with college girl on song ” kya karoon oh ladies mein hoon adat we majbo
• twinkle shock with his new behaviour

I know guys its too boring but what to do I don’t know where is my brain roaming & sorry for not posting yesterday ……. As yesterday I don’t get any idea to write. but I’ll make sure that tommorow episode is good….pls don’t forget to comments
thanks again for ur comments thank u.
love u

Credit to: sonali

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  1. Osmmmmmmmm loved it

  2. Awesome post soon

  3. Hey Sonali the way you described Sarna Mansion is the same way Shamzz had described in her ff Tashan E Deewanagi twinj….you had just added few things in it…. Friend plz write your own creativity as original always is better…. And sorry if you get hurt as I don’t want to hurt you but want to make understand that original is always original……

  4. thank u zikra thaks alot

  5. thanks sam..thanks alot

  6. thanks sam..

  7. Awesome yrr…waiting to see why twinkle don’t want to reveal her identity….

  8. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. .

  9. Hey sonali I m eagerly waiting for the next epi…the precap is very good…todays epi was very good
    Ctd asap

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