love is heart of life ( twinj love story) Episode;-3


Hi! friends,
I’m back with 3rd episode of ” love is d heart of life ”
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Twinkle came out of airport & start searching for someone. Suddenly two soft hands cover her eyes. First Twinkle is shocked but then she feel d touch & a cute smile appear on her face
T- chinkiii…..
a girl which is behind twinkle now she came infront of her. she is wearing white net top with black jeans. she is beautiful too( but less than twinkle)she is known other than chinki. They both hug each other & break it
C- twinkle! How u get to know that this is me.
T- how shouldn’t i identify my sister( massi’s daughter) cum best friend touch. Ok now I’m so tired. So first let’s move towards home .
C- ok

At chinki home,
C- this is my room twinkle.
A room is shown which is of pink & white shades on wall. The room is completely messed up
T- d room is nice but what condition u had made of this room ha…….ok u go outside & pls don’t come until I call u…I’ll arranged everything properly….ok
Twinkle complete her work
Chinki came there with smili face
T- twinkle ur work..d…d.done……..
Now her smile fade away & she gives a surprise look by noticing her room & d book which she is reading outside d room now drop from her hand
C- t..twin..twinkle…..whose room is this?
T- duffer its ur room only….
C- its…its mine,…..I can believe this is my room….its looking so beautiful ….thank …..thank u so much….
T- ok come but where is massi haan…..I not seen her anywhere
C- she is out of station for two month…….thank god u came I got a good company…..ok now come & sit here & tell me what u want to eat
T- what…..u know how to cook……good yaar
C- no…no twinkle I only know to make noodles but from last three days I eat these only . so I want to eat something different
T- ok then ….y not we order a pizza
C- ya …its good idea let’s order….ok now tell me in which college u did admission
T- at ur college only….
C- u remember when we r small how we four enjoy everyday of life& how naughty we four r….u, me, uv & KUNJ
“Kunj” word echoes in twinkle’s ear
T- k…k..kunj…( with teary eyes)
C- ya. U know what when u leave this city na ….then he came here to ask about u…when I said him that u left d city …….he break down into many pieces…. In past he is d brightest student but now ………….ok live this now.its late night. I think we should sleep now…..
T- pls dont change d topic what r u going to tell me haan.
C- n..not..nothing yaar. I was telling that after u left this city we three r in same school & now in same colleges..that’s it,ok sleep now
Chinki turn off d lite & she sleep but our sayappa queen she is in deep thought. ( let’s check what is she thinking)

In twinkle dream
A girl is shown running behind a boy& continuously taking a name
G- kunj…kunj….stop now..if u catches by me then u will gonna more beaten by me.
( I think u get It d boy is none other than kunj.his age is about 16 years)
K- twi…twinkle……pls stop yaar & pls forgive me ….ok I’ll stop but pls promise me u’ll not beat me any more (still running)
T- no ….& how could I forgive u …..what u said….yaa moti……is I’m fat
K- yes….I mean no…
Now something strike on our drama queen’s mind & then she sit down by pretending as she fallen down & shout
T- ooooouuuuuuucccchhhhh…..
& then what…….our caring King came near her to help her but twinkle winks at him & started beating him but our hero is not less than any one else so he started pretending that his hand hert . twinkle take his hand & start caressing it & now twinkle innocent face is slowly turning into crying face due to d guilt but kunj notice this & brust out laughing. Now twinkle understood his prank & became more angry.she goes near kunj & sit on his lap
K- utth moti utth yaar sorry maaf karde mujhe. kintna khati hair yaar tu uth na
Suddenly voice change into a girl voice
V- uth ja twinkle uth jaa
T- kunj ye tumhare aavaj ko kya hogaya hai haan
V- meri voice ko much bhi nahi hua twikle aur mein kunj nahi chinki hoon
Suddenly she wake up & says
T- chinkii….oh its a dream
C- tu kunj kunj kya kar rahi thi haan……….oh I get it he is in ur dream na
T-nothing like that yaar .
C- tu abhi bhi nahi sudhri na……..kumbhkaran ki nani….
T- two hours is left for college na….so let me sleep more
C- no twinkle wake up yaar its….
Suddenly chinki get a massage . she read it & smile a lit bit. Twinkle observe it.
T- chinki whose massage is this haan . y r u smiling?
C- nothing yaar…leave it
T- hey don’t hide anything from me ok
C- actually he is Rohan…….my boyfriend..
T- what????
C- hey don’t give me a surprise look . in this generation almost every one had boyfriends….y do u not having any boyfriend?
Twinkle nods in no
C- what ?……seriously ……ok don’t worry …..I’ll help u to find ….
T- no need & that’s too when I’m getting married on next year only….after completing graduation
C- twinkle….how many surprises u gonna give me . u r getting married & u r telling me now…ok how he is looking.?…did he is rich or not?……
T- stop it now…I’ll show u his photo.
She show her his photo(anuj sachdev)
C- hey he Is too handsome haan…..but then also think once u r not getting married with anyone then which qualities did u want in him.
twinkle goes in thought & a cute smile appears on twinkle face

screen freezes on twinkle smiling face

PRECAP:- twinkles dream guy
kunj entry

I know guys this epi is boring but next one will be interesting. once again thank u all . plss keep comenting. & plss if u want to give me any suggestion or if u didn’t like anything of my epi plssdiscuss with me I’ll change it…
thank u all for bearing my u

Credit to: sonali

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