love is heart of life ( twinj love story) Episode;-2


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Episode :-2

Taneja mention,
A girl is shown coming down from stairs. She is wearing pink sleeveless top & black jeans. Her hair was left open. Her eyes is memorizing & twinkling like a star. Yes guys ur iguess is write its none other than our Punjabi phataka ” twinkle”.

She came down suddenly she heard a voice

V- itni subah-subah tu kana ja rahi hair.
T- WO ma…. …… at sid house.
L- accha but first have some breakfast.
T- no maa. Afterwards . I’m in hurry.I’ve to go . ok bye
L- ok! Bye. Take care. ( think- yeh bhi na kissi ki nahi sunti pata nahi apne sasural me kya karengi) she leaves

Singhania mention,
A big bungalow is shown, there r many guards surrounding d whole bungalows. Then there shown a nameplate of “Singhania Mention” bellow that there is another nameplate” ASP Siddhant Singhania”.

Twinkle is about to open d gate suddenly one of d guard came &stop her by saying
G1- oh madam. Where were u going ha…….
T- wo…….actually I’m here to meet sid……I mean sidhant singhania.
G1- so, did u had any appointment letter………
T- appointment letter???……..u r misunderstanding me I am twinkle taneja Sid’s………
G1- oh who r u I don’t care…just get out from here……
Another guard came there
G2- mam……..( to G1) u came aside with me
G1- see her she is too stubborn, I told her many time to go back but she r here only aur khud ko bata to aise rahi hai jaise iss gher ki hone wali bahu hai.
G2- ya she is…….yeh is ghar ki hone wali bahu hi hai .but what did u done an Teri naukri to gayi na……
G1- sorry pls save me….
G2- ok…..( came near gate where twinkle is standing trying to call sid) ma’am…pls forgive him he is new na so he don’t know who r u…….pls came inside & pls don’t discuss this to Any one….its request
T- no….no..kaka I’ll not gonna tell anyone about this…

Twinkle enter in the house, Mr Singhania came there(Sid’s father) .
Mr S- oh twinkle……u here what a pleasant surprise…oh let me guess u here to meet sid na ok go beta he is his room. I’ve to go ……

Sid’s room,
It is too big room . the room colour is in white-purple combination. The wall behind bed is fully covered with a photo frame of sid with trophies & with family & with friends & most of the photos r with twinkle & their childhood photos r also their.( as they r childhood friends) . all over d room their r so many trophies. Then their shown a boy doing pushups.his back is shown
Twinkle enter their,twinkle see him as his room’s door is open
T(think)- oh no twinkle ! Wrong timing . can I go back to home…….no no if I return today then may be I won’t get this apportunity again. But this is bad time I Should leave now.
She turn & about to leave when she heard a voice
V- twinkleee………
She turn towards that guy
T- sid!!!!! ( here anuj sachdev is doing Sid’s role)
( its clear the guy is none other than sid) he compose himself & stand up. His back is shown. Now his face is shown as now he is turn towards camera.he is wearing jeans & is shirtless. He is shown so handsome that any girl fall for him.
Twinkle immediately turn to other side as he is Still shirtless
T- do u know I’m without noticing me .
S- twinkle tum mujse puch rahi ho ki Maine meri dhadkano ko kaise pehchana. Mujhe tumhe pehchan ne ke liye meri akhon ki kohi jarurat nahi hai tummhe to mein tumhare perfume me smell se hi pehchan leta hu……..( funny tune plays) but y r u not facing me is any problem . turn towards me….
T- ho…how can I turn…….first u wear u shirt
S- ( coming to sense) oh…..I…I’m sorry.pls don’t turn until I wore it….
He is struggling hard to wear his shirt in no time
T-( naughtily) should I turn?…..
S-n…no…no.wait ju…just a min…
T- I think I should turn .…..
S- n.n..o….no….. turn (successful in wearing shirt)
Twinkle turn & started to laughing
S- y..y r u laughing ha….
Twinkle stop laughing but after some second again start laughing . now sid is lost in her
Cute laughing & automatically a small smile appears on seeing her
T- who made u IPS haan.hehehe I can’t believe u. U r on such a post hehehe & ur this childish behaviour uff
S- u r not having less childish behaviour than me.ok! Now stop laughing & ya tell me y u came here on early in d morning. I know…I know….its not early but for u its early morning as u r kumbkaran ki nani
T-how dare u to say me that & stop teasing me actually I’m here for an imp work oh god .in ur company I really forgot it . sid I want ur help…..
S- help…….
T- ya WO actually ……( she tell him all that happens in last epi & also tell him that she wanted to complete her study first & that too before marriage)
S- so u wanted that I agree ur father for ur studies….no I’ll not help u in these
T- (sad face)y…..ok!
She is about to leave when she heard Sid’s voice
S- how should I help u. u remember when last time i help u .did u even ask me about coffee ?. ill help u but one condition after ur work u will came with me for coffee as well for movie.
T- ( happily went near him & hugged him) thanks ….thank u so much sid
( hua hai qj pehli baar ……………song play in background)
Twinkle break hug
T- ok let’s move.
S- can I do my breakfast first & I think u also really hungry now it. So join me
T- how do u know?
S- I know u from childhood. Ok sit here

In Taneja mention,
Rt- no sid beta . u know what r u saying
S- of course uncle & by d way this is now my to be wife & I want my wife dream to be completed & I’ll only happy if my to be wife will be happy.
Rt- but……ok.but on two condition . first twinkle will not gonna do hr graduation from Mumbai but from amritsar. 2nd is after completing her graduation urs marriage will happen & then there will be no if & no but ok….
S- ok ……uncle thank u
He open d door of room
came outside . There leela & twinkle is standing outside fully stress & twinkle in stress starts bitting her nails .
T(think)- babaji plzzz plzzz meri madad kijiye na . pata nahi vaha kya Chao Rana yoga .papa manege bhi ya nahi. (Babaji plzzz plzzz help me. I don’t know what is happening inside d room dad will agree or not)
Suddenly Sid came there with sad face
T- what did papa said ha? He is agree or not……..I know…..I knew it . maa I said na papa never agree for this
L- beta at least listen to him na
S- twinkleee……I try my best..……even I did all possible things but………
T- see ma I said…..….
S- rt ancle is agree
T- I know…what??
S- yes …rt uncle is agree. Now go & start ur packing for amritsar
T- for Amritsar……is I’m not studying in Mumbai
S- yes..actually its condition of rt uncle
T- yehhhh!
S- r u happy….seriously. didn’t u miss me….I mean us
T- no…….how can I….when u all r always with me.ok I’ve to do my packing bye.

Next morning,
T- bye maa( hugging)
L- Mera bass chale to mai tujhe Jana hi na du.
S- main bhi
T- what ???
S- ( coming to reality) let’s go. or else u will miss ur flight

At airport,
T- ok bye…….don’t be sad. Y not u join me.I really gonna miss u in those days
S-ok! If u want then I’m ready to come with u
T- no need .bye

In Amritsar,at airport
A girl shown coming out from airport. She is wearing red full top with blue jacket & black jeans with red pencil hill. Her hair is tied in a pony .she is no other than twinkle.
Every one is staring at her as she is looking gorgeous. She is Start seeing here & there like she is searching someone. suddenly two soft hand cover her eyes. First twinkle is shocked & then smile
T- chinkiiiii……….
The episode end

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Credit to: sonali

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