love is heart of life ( twinj love story) Episode;-11


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Sonali is here….with a next epi of ” love is heart of life ”
So sorry for late posting…u all may be thinking that this girl is always late & for formality say just a sorry…but what yo do as my college & my tuition had started & d biggest issue was my father won’t allow me touch my mobile & ask for concentrate to studies only so i read all ur ff & then write my ff in night or whenever my parents is not with me….ok enough of my bak-bak now…. let’s move towards d epi …but before that I want to thank my lovely friends

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Recap:- twinkle saw a small child in middle of d road & one car was rushing very fastly towards that boy she run to save him but was not able but on time kunj save that child….kunj was little injured so twinkle took him to d hospital & then at last twinj friendship

***********Episode :- 11**********

outside d hospital,

T- ok! Now let’s go….
K- where?…
T- at home!
K- ur?…
T- stupid at our respective home….but wait! first I’ll call chinki…she will send Rohan ….
K- for what?
T- arre he is coming for drop us at our resp. home….or how can we reach home….
K- don’t call him…I had my bike …so, I’ll drop u at ur home from my bike….ok! come ….
T- argh…kunj tum pagal ho chuke ho( kunj u r gone mad)…kunj tumhe pakka yakin hai ki chot per pe hi lagi hai sir pe nahi…. (kunj r u sure ur legs only get injured not ur head)( sweetly)
K- yes…y?
T- because u r talking like a fool ….( burst out in anger)how can we go by ur bike…when we came here by chinki’s car & ur bike is 5 km away from this place….& now pls stop asking me foolish question…first let me call chinki…

K( think)- bro tujhe aaj ho kya gaya hai( bro today what happen to u?)…y r u talking like fool…tu aaj chup hi rahe to accha hai warna aaj ye Sherni tujhe kha hi jayegi…aur waise bhi iska mood aaj bohot kharab hai…(its better to be silent or else this tigress will eat u…after all her mood is also not seems that good ) but what is she doing with her purse ? Is she finding something.Should I ask her?…no..its better to be silent

Here twinkle was busy with her purse

T- y im not able to find my mobile…oh shit! I forgot my cell in car itself…
K- don’t worry seniorita …I had my mobile with me…
T- thank god! Ok! Now give me ur mob…
K- ok! take it…

Twinkle was about to take that mobile when kunj notice something in his mobile
k- { think} oh shit agar isne ye dekh liya toh …margaya( if she seen it then im dead)
he immediately pull his mobile back

K- no…I..l..I’ll not gonna give u…its my mobile
T- common kunj…don’t act as a child…I just wanna do 1 call then I’ll return it…
K- no…
T- ok don’t give it to me I’ll take it by myself
K- yes that bette…no!
T- kunj r u ok na…what happen to u…it just a mobile ok don’t give it to me call some one from ur home …so they can help us…
k- ok…its better but I’ll not gonna call them infront of u…so pls excuse me…
T-( y he is not showing his mobile to me…something fishy) no …u have to call them infront of me …
k- y u don’t trust me….I’m ur friend na
T- that’s what I won’t to say…if u r my friend then y r u not showing me ur mob…give it to me

K- ( think) kaise dedu jab mujhe pehle se pata hai iss mobile ke sath kya hone wala hai (how can I give her my mobile that too when I already know what will be gonna happen with my mob)no I’m not give her or waisse bhi is brand ko pane ke liye Maine kya kya nahi kiya tha ( no I’m not give her after all I did many efforts for this brand)

T- kunj where were u lost? give it to me…
K- ok! Take it

he stretch his hand in upward direction…so that she will not able to rich their…now twinkle start jumping to rich at d height but failed…she again try it but this time during jumping she not knowingly came so close to him & her one hand is landed on kunj chest…
kunj feel her touch &lost in her & put his hand on her hand( which is on kunj chest) ( not in sense) & rolled his another hand( having mob ) surround her waist..& pull her more close..

twinkle ( who was busy in snatching mobile) was feel him so near to her & her gaze meet with his…& they both lost in each other eyes( bas itni si tamanna hai…. title song of tei plays)

Suddenly twinkle came in sense & was shocked by seeing their condition…she immediately took her hand back from his chest & compose herself but kunj come in sense by her sudden moves but was still lost in her innocent eyes .so, he forgot about mobile….twinkle notice his hand had came down…she snatch mobile from him….kunj came into sense….she show him mobile & then her tounge ( to tease him) & run away….
K- oh shit.if she see d wallpaper of my mob..then..I’m gone….uff sorry my mobile was gone..
Suddenly a voice came from his back
T- kunj…..

& screen freezes on kunj scared & twinkle angry face…..

Recap- twink broke his mob….ok..ok….branded mobile…..

how was i ? I know u must be totally confused…..sorry if I bored u …..but mere dimak me ye hi aaya…but pls comments karna zaroor….haaan…haan jitna datna hai DAT Lena …
and sorry if it was short or boring as I write all this yesterday only & now posting it as from some days I had fever na….& that’s d only reason I’m not commented in many of ur ff…so sorry but from tomorrow I’ll comment each & every ff of u all….

thank u all for reading my ff & commenting on it….

Credit to: Sonali05

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  1. Sayeeda

    OMG ……Sona ( hope I can call u wid this name …but what to do I’m like this only ; the person whom I loves I always give them the name I love …)…….dear u nailed it …
    What a cute episode ….the way kunj was lost in her eye’s was so adorable ….nd Twinkle demanding his mobo …no branded mobo ..heehee …that was so funny ….
    I’m so excited for next one to read Kunj’s reaction ….amazing yrr …awesome ….too good …

    Sona dear take care of urself ….don’t worry regarding posting ur ff ; whenever u have time then post it …I will always wait for ur ff …
    Love u soooooo much ….muaahh..

  2. Kruti

    Amazing epi sonali

  3. Kritika14

    it was amazing!

  4. Angita

    Somehow the mobile….branded mobile just can’t go off my mind
    Superb superb superb

  5. Jisha

    Awesome episode dear….branded mob….was awesome… loved it…
    Take care of your health….

  6. Amazing epi

  7. Baby

    hey sonali di osm di luvd episode osm bhot jyada cute epsidoe now post nxt aasap di ;luv u

  8. Sameera

    Amazing epi sonali loved it

  9. Yaar this was amazing pleas releas next epi soon we can’t wait anymore

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