love is heart of life ( twinj love story) Episode;-10 twinj freindship special


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RECAP:- twinkle came at college & kunj get mesmerised by her…he came towards her & try to get her name by her own mouth but twinkle understand his prank & taunt him as chipku kunj decided to show her how d real chipku was & began to dance with her on song ” tera hero idhar hai ” & while dancing he irritate her more …& like this there knock-jhock continues

********* EPISODE ;- 10 ********

Twinkle enter in her class & directly goes & sit beside chinki
C- twinkle… where were u haan? u said me to come fast & u only came late..answer me…wait …u r smiling…what was d reasons behind it haan?..did u..
T- nothing yaar…leave it..but tell me did u know where is UV?..actually I won’t some notes from him but he is not seen anywhere…
C- no…actually today I also not found him anywhere

Just then kunj enter with his some friends & goes & sit at back bench…while going kunj was staring twinkle
C- y don’t u ask kunj where is UV…he is well known about him…as UV is his brother na…
T- what?? UV & kunj r brothers…look at them yaar…they r totally apposite with each other…
C- ya…I also reat same when UV told me about this…
ok now don’t waist ur time go & ask him …
T- no way…I. never gonna ask him…he is a big flirty …always plays with girl’s
C- no yaar…u r getting him wrong…ya I agree that he is a big flirty but he is really good by his heart…he is like this as he never love anyone but when he fall in with love someone na..then d girl will be most luckiest girl in d world…as I know him very well…ok..ok! now we r not good friends but we r childhood friends ..
T- did u relly think..that he will love anyone…ok! now leave it..

Just then prof enter & began to teach

After their collage, chinkle was returning home but their tire got punctured…
T- what happen y u stop d car? in 1 hr u have to catch ur flight for Delhi na.
C- ya …but now d tire got punctured…
T- Chinki look their…I think it was a small vehicle repairing shop…u wait here I’ll call that mechanic
C- no u sit..I’ll call that mechanic..
t- ok but
chinki leaves

twinkle was sitting in her car when she noticed a small child( about 5-6 yrs) was standing on d middle of d road & crying as he was too scared…
It was running road…so, so many vehicles were passing from their …
twinkle was about to call chinki to inform her but she then notice a car with a full speed was approaching towards that child … twinkle left her mobile in car itself & rush towards that child to save him…
she was about to cross d road but one car lightly hit her but due to d jerk she hit her head with d car & her head began to bleed …
there was many car passing from d road so, she was unable to cross d road ..then she notice now d same car was only few distance away with that child & was about to hit that child but twinkle closed her eyes with her hand as she is so scared …after a few second she remove her hand from her eyes. she has tears & guilt in her eyes… she take a look of the condition of that child but her amaze..the child was not there…she look here n there & then she find the child safe on d other side of road with a college boy( his back is shown but he was little injured) looking like he save that boy
T- thank u babaji…for saving that boy but who must be that college boy..looking like he is injured…I should help him

Now d road was clear. Twinkle cross d road…on d other side d college boy was talking with that child
C.B- small bro r u ok na..y r u crying like girls…be a boy…ok now take this chocolates & stop crying. u know brave boy never cry .( still his face is not shown)
Just then twinkle come there…
T- ya baby uncle is saying true…u r brave na…
C.B- uncleeeeee……( & he turns)
T- kunjjjj….( I know u must be guess until now…yes that college boy was kunj)
K- uuuuu…here …what r u doing here?…& wait…what u called me a little min earlier…
T- uncle…is I said wrong…sorry sorry I have to called u dadaji…
K- uuuu…
T- ok sorry…
& she goes near that child & cup his face
T- are u ok baby…
B- ya aunty ….but I want mumma…
T- auntyyyy….
Kunj brust out into laughing
K- haahahaaha….aunty ….haahahahaa
He noticed twinkle face which was slowly turning red in anger.. So he somehow manage to stop his laugh
K- haha..ok..ok sorry….(but again burst into laughing) auntyyy…hahahaahaa
Now twinkle anger cross d limit..
T- stop it(shout) baby I’m not aunty called me di.( softly to d child)..ok & u ( pointing her finger towards kunj) I’ll see u latter..
Just then a lady came there
La- oh my child …u here..r u ok beta…thank u both that u save my child…thank u so much…god give u both every happiness of ur life.

They leaves..

T- kunj I think u r injured …so came with me in hospital…
K-… I..I’m all ok..see
he was about to stand when he slip
T- omg…is its hurting u …oh god …see how much blood is coming from it…see ur condition kunj …u r not able to even stand….now u r coming with me to hospital
K- but…o..ok!( noticing twinkle fuming face)
T- ok give me ur hand…
she pull him towards her to make him stand but due to sudden jerk their face came very close to each other…& they both lost in each other( aakhon mein
Teri ajab so ajab si adaey hai….om shanti om) song plays)
just then chinki went there
C- twink….kunj wat r u doing here? & wat happen to u
T- it is a big story I’ll tell u later ok….first help me
they somehow manage to make kunj sit in car & they drive towards hospital
C- after attending just call me ok!..
t- but u have to catch d Delhi flight na then…
c- no I’ll send Rohan ..ok bye & ya here it is d key of house
they went to hospital
T- kunj u go inside I’ll wait outside…
kunj went inside with d support of one wardboy ( as he is not able to stand) & Dr does chekup
Dr- so, Mr Kunj..its just a minor will be ok in 2-3 days…I had done d bandage
k- but doc y I’m not able to stand
Dr- don’t worry it just a small injury …& u r not able to stand only because of d pain …I’ll give u pain killer …take this…
K- thank u doc

here outside twinkle was waiting for him…just then kunj enter
T- kunj what happen…is everything ok! na
K- actually Dr said..that it was really major injury ….he said me to take a proper care …its really hurting….( act like crying)
T- kunj …I’m sorry for my rude behaviour uptill now…..
K- don’t say anything ok!…I need to go home…
he walk towards d main gate & turn
k – & ya ….u help me so much…only a true friend help like this….so thank u so much miss…… now can I know ur name…..( but there is no reaction from twinkle side) its ok…
& he turn & was about to leave when he heard a voice
T- twinkle….
he turn
k- what?…..
T- twinkle taneja….myself twinkle taneja…( forwarding her hand for friendship)…so friends….
K- no…but best friend….as I never found girl like u….who helps other…who cares for other..plz( holding her hand) say yes

Twinkle smile at his childish behavior & say
T- ok fine…best friends & gave a bright smile( see on dp)

screen freezes on their happy face

PRECAP:- twinkle & kunj’s cute movement with each other

thank u once again for ur all comments & ya I could able to give such epi because of ur all heart touching comments. as its give me strength & make me to give u all something better than what I could able to do as a return gift of ur all comment….thanks a lot

Credit to: Sonali05

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