love is heart of life ( twinj love story) Episode;-1


Hey friends.
Sonali is here.
So its my 1st episode of my new ff. I want to make it different from other.

So friend. Did u like jorney?????

Ya ofcourse many of u must be like it.

So would u like to come with me on d journey of ” LOVE IS HEART OF LIFE”

So, pls join me for d journey.

So, here we go.………

But I want to ask u friends to whom u want to meet first. “TWINKLE ” OR

But I guess we’ve to meet twinkle first as we all like to see Kunj heroic entry. Is I’m write

SO let enter first Taneja mention.

In Mumbai.
A big house is shown where there is a nameplate of commissioner “RT”.

{Ok! Let enter in d house. Oh ” gosh ” wat a big & beautiful house it was ! Its too beautiful.

Seriously there is many servant’s…..but wait….. I clearly heard a voice.
Ya I guess its girl crying voice. But…… who is crying & y ?

u want to know it. So lets follow the voice. Now by following a voice we reached near a room. Whose room must be it. So,let see i know guys its really bad habbits to pept in others
room without their permission but we r here on d journey. So, let enter.

I amazed by seeing d beauty of room.

I guess my room is also similar to this one. The wall of d room was of white & Rani pink color. Its pink& purple curtain & flowers which is nicely decorated around hole room was really attracted my eyes. The wall is full of family pics.

It’s too nicely arranged on d wall which is backside of bed…..wait …….here I could see a girl.

She was sitting on ground and had her head on bed. I guess she is d only girl who is crying.

Ya same voice of crying. But y she is crying? Ok let see the reason behind it.}

The girl is continuously crying but suddenly there is d knock on d door. The voice is came from that door

Voice- Twinkle puttar tu thik to hai na.
Kya mein andar aa jau.

{From it its clear that d girl is none other than our fav twinkle }

Twinkle wipe her tears & said
T- ya maa. Pls come in

Leela enter in her room
L- twinkle puttar………..

Twinkle turns …….she is wearing pink churidar. She has a beautiful straight brown hair and a beautiful big brown eyes. In hr eyes we can clearly see inocense as well as pain. She is two beautiful like a princess.

L- twinkle tu roh rahi hai na
T- ( turn slightly to fully clear her tears) no ……..m..maa. I’m perfectly fine.

L- don’t hide anything from me. Mei tenu achesse janti hu tu roh rahi hai na.

Twinkle run & hug leela.

T- maa……I don’t want to marry now. I…I…know maa Sid is really good Guy. He always keep me happy but ….maa u know na. …I…I.want to complete
my study. It was only my dream. I always listen to dad but ma this time its not possible.plzzzzz maa . Let
me complete my study first. I….I..promise to u. Whom u told I’ll marry him. Plzzz

L- bass…….basss puttar. Dekh tu chinta naa kar. Mein na tere papa nu Samja dungi. Abb na tu jyada soch mat aur so jah

Leela leaves

{here we get to know d reason behind twinkle’s crying. One more thing is clear here that leela is supporting mother but always stuck between his husband & child. So,let see what will happen next. }

In morning

Rt- no. Never. How u even think so. Its my final dicision that twinkle will gonna marry with ” Sid”. U know he is perfect Guy for our twinkle

L- dekho ji menu pata hai ke “Sid” ek bohot hi changa munda hai apne Twinkle nu waaste per hamme twinkle ke bare meh bhi toh sochna chaiye na. Agar woh apna dream pura karna chahti hai tu ismeh burai hi kya hai.

Rt- burrai hai. Tune dekha nahi leela wo sharma ji ki beti ne kaisse nak kata di unki. Unhone unki beti peh trust dikha kar usse padhaya aur usne kya kitta usi ki college ke ladke ke sath bhag gai aur nak kata di apni

L- dekho ji mei ye sab nahi janti mujhe bas itna pata hai ki hamari twinkle aur us ladki mein jamin-aasman da farak hai. Wo to pehle se hi apne maa bap ki itzat nahi karti t
hi par hamari twinkle ne aaj tak hamari sari baat Mani hai. AP bas ek bat uski bat man lijiye.

rt- bas …dont eat my brain. its,my final decision.

he leaves

{ guys did u also thinking same. as I want to kill him. he is really so cruel. who is so blind in his respect can’t think for his daughter’s happiness. Uff I don’t know how twinkle will manage to agree her dad. let see}

leela now only thinking to how to face twinkle. she turn & get shock

She see twinkle standing infront of her.

L-( tensed) puttar…wo……tere dad ne kahaaaaa.……

T- don’t worry maa. U don’t need to say anything. I already heard ur both Convo. ( twinkle notice leela’s tears. She go & hug hr )

T- aww ma y r u crying. Don’t cry maa its not ur fault its ok. Even i already know that this will happen. So i already made a backup plan.

She discuss all plan with leela which is muted. They give a hifi. Twinkle smilled & leela notice it.

L- keep smiling like this. From this I got strength . Today I get my old twinkle back. I’m too happy for u.

{ hey guys did u heard something which plan they discuss. Same here I also can’t able to listen anything. Oh this is d only problem of dailly soap they put many suspence. Ok! Now we don’t have any other option. So wait & watch. Guys today I’m tired so meet u tomorrow. Bye}

PRECAP ;- Twinkle’s plan work & then she will gonna enter in Amritsar.
Kunj entry will be shown.

Friends, here I used d little bit different writing patern. But I’m so nervous. Pls let me know did u all like this concept or not by ur precious comments. If u don’t like it then I’ll post another one in normal way. Sorry if its bored u. Thanks to bear it.
I know friend. The 1st episode was boring but think na how it will be intreating without our hero entry.
Oops I forgot to thank u for comments for intro part. Thank u guys really thanks. U don’t know by reading all ur comments I being really happy like I’m in 7 cloud. Once again. THANKS. To all my dearest friend & also d silent readers.

Credit to: Sonali( twinj fan)

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