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SHOT : 2

So let’s start with a Smile ?

Twinkle hurriedly sat in car and left for Sarna Mansion ; She was worried for Kunj as she noticed his pale face when she intentionally to tease Kunj said boyfriend..

But before she could clear it Abeer came and she knew Kunj might have misunderstood but the hurt and pain his eye’s scared her more..

She was sure that Kunj had a past which haunts him to always show of his emotions and be care free but she didn’t meant to hurt him this way..

Twinkle was cursing herself for doing this and was driving as fast as possible to reach Sarna Mansion..


Kunj stormed inside house angrily without even listening to Bebe whom he never dis obeyed..

[Bebe: Manohar’s Sister and a widower ; She had no children but love Kunj as her own child and raised him after Manohar and Usha’s death]

Kunj came in his room and closed the door harshly ; He didn’t even opened light’s ; His room was as dark as his life..

He broked all the thing’s that came in his hand ; he was broken badly ; Why this always happens with him ?

K:(Sobbing Badly) Why Babaji? Why can u never let me be happy? Why U alway’s snatched the people I love from me Haan ??

Why always me ? Why my life is so devoid of Love? When I was living like a dead soul without any emotion letting over power me than why U sent twinkle in my life ?

Just to make me smile once again and then broke me badly again? When U have to make me hurt and broken once again then why U sent twinkle in my life ??

Kunj was sobbing badly ; he broke mirror in anger ; his hand was bleeding badly as glass pieces pierced through his hand but it didn’t effect him..

The pain he was carrying in his heart since last 15 year’s and the pain and hurt he felt today was noting infront of those cuts..


Bebe was worried for Kunj and it scared her more when she heard breaking sounds..

She knew it wasn’t just due to anger but something was hurting him badly too..

Bebe was about to go upstairs when someone rang bell on door ; She opened the door and found twinkle standing their with worried face too..

She let her in and asked something to which twinkle replied :

T:Bebe.. I will tell U everything later now I need to see Kunj..

Bebe nodded in YES when driver came in and said..

D:Bebe..Ur luggage is placed in car.. Shall we leave..

Bebe had to go out of town for a week cause of a Relative Wedding today but she was worried for Kunj but twinkle assured her to go and she was relieved as she knew twinkle was the one due to which she noticed Kunj’s changed behaviour ?

Bebe left the house after blessing twinkle whilst twinkle hurriedly made her way toward’s Kunj’s Room..

She reached outside his room ; door was opened but room was completely dark ; She moved inside and switched on light’s..

Twinkle was shocked seeing the room’s state ? whilst Kunj who was sitting on couch with his head burried in between his head snapped up and was about to shout when stopped seeing twinkle..

K:(shouting)What the…

Twinkle was shocked seeing him ; his hair messy ; his face was pale and tear stricken ; his hand bleeding badly..

Twinkle reached him in two strides and held his hand and spoke with teary eye’s..

T:What is this Kunj?

Kunj jerked her hand angrily and was about to move when twinkle to turned him angrily and spoke in same tone..

T:Just Shut Up? Dare U speak a word Mr Sarna ? Keep Quite and sit down..

For a moment Kunj was shocked and scared seeing his SIYAPPA QUEEN’S anger and sat down on couch like a baby ??

Twinkle brought first aid and sat on her knees infront of him and started aiding his hand and was continuously speaking like a cute child and was sobbing looking cute..

For a moment Kunj forget his anger and was admiring his Siyappa Queen who was sometimes like an angry bird and sometimes cute like a baby ; sometimes she throws tantrum like a stubborn kid and sometimes a become a Punjabi Pataka ??

Twinkle was blabbering continuously and was scolding him time to time whilst sobbing ? twinkle saw him smiling at her when she said :

T: Haas kyun rahe ho Sadu Sarna..

K:Tujhe pata hai tu na bilkul Ek cute baby jaisi lag rahi hai ?

T: Main koi baby waby nahi hun ! Aise koi khud ko taqleef puhanchata hai Kya ? Smajhte Kya ho khud ko Sadu Sarna (still sobbing)

Kunj then realised what happened some moment’s ago and tear’s filled his eye’s ; Twinkle saw him and cupped his face and said:

T:Kunj why are U doing this to Urself..

K:Twinkle plz leave from here ?

T: No I won’t until U speak..

K:(Angrily pinning her to Wall) Kaha na Ja..

T:(Same Tone) No I won’t! Jo karna hai karlo ?

K:Tu nahi manegi ?

T:Maloom haina how am I ? Toh pucha kyun ??

(Same stubborn like Me ??)

K:Toh Sun (Teary Eyed)


A small cute boy of about two year’s was playing in garden ; his clothes messed up with mud ?

He got up and took some mud in his hand’s and put on the castle he made ?? (though it wasn’t a castle but for him it was)

After completing boy jumped in happiness and said..

B:Yippee ?? I made it..

He was then about to move inside when he looked at the mirror that was on entrance wall enhancing beauty of house..

Boy Cutely smacked his tiny hand on his head and said in a babyish voice..

B:(Babyish Voice) Uffo Kunj.. Yeh tumle Kya Kiya (smacking his hand’s on his Forehead) Ab mummy se dant padegi?

(So that baby is Our Little Kunj ??)

He had kept his finger on his cheek in a way of thinking and was pretending to think I what to do when he heard a Voice and his eye’s shinned with happiness ??

V:Haww Kunj ?? What U did ab mumma dante gi..

Kunj turned toward’s the voice with a Cute smily face which no one can resist..

K:(Babyish Tone) Sholly dii.. But plsssh help me ?? walna mumma will scold me ??

The girl was Aliya ; Kunj’s elder sister who was 7 year’s elder to him but treats Kunj like her own baby..

A:Come Kunj let’s change U before Mamma comes..

K:(jumped on happiness) Thank U dii

He pulled her hand asking her to bend down to his height and she did as he gestured ; He kissed her cheek stating making her smile and said something to which Kunj grinned ??

K:Love U Shoo Mulch diiiii ?

A:Dramebaaz ?


It was Kunj’s 5 th birthday when both Aliya and Kunj were insisting to go out for dinner..

Usha denied them stating weather wasn’t good but both being stubborn didn’t listened and Manohar took them outside along Usha..

They were coming back from dinner ; Kunj was in Usha’s lap fast as sleep whilst Aliya was also drowsy due to sleep and was sleeping at the back seat..

But Aliya woke up hearing heavy horning sound whilst Kunj was stirring in sleep..

It was a truck approaching them ; Usha immediately shifted Kunj at back seat Aliya was scared and dhummmmm….

Their car clashed with the truck ; Kunj was awake till truck was approaching them but before he could know anything a harsh flash blurred his vision..

Aliya and Kunj was saved but Manohar and Usha died at spot leaving them alone forever ??


Kunj was crying by now and twinkle was teary eyed ; Kunj was about to say further when they heard baby step’s reaching them ; Twinkle was confused whilst Kunj hurriedly wiped his tears..

They heard a babyish voice to which Kunj slightly smiled whilst twinkle was shocked and broken this time..

V: Papa..

There was standing a baby girl of two year’s with drowsy eye’s holding her big teddy bear in her tiny hand’s..

Kunj picked her up in his Arm’s and said: Why U woke up Baby?

V:I was scared Papa..

K:Who dared to scare my Samaira

S:(showing by her Action) A big Monster..

Twinkle who was in tears by now was smiling seeing the little girl’s cute Antics..

She was feeling to leave that instant but she believed her love and wanted to listen the story ahead ..

K:Come let’s make U sleep in Ur room..

They were about to move when samaira saw twinkle and asked Kunj..

A:Papa.. Who is this Aunty?

Before Kunj could speak anything twinkle spoke making him smile a bit..

T:I am Ur papa’s friend ? But..

S:(Curiously) But ?

T:I would be the happiest to be Ur friend (smiling)

S:(happily) My Frliend ??

Twinkle nodded in YES whilst samaira jumped in happiness in Kunj’s arm’s and said excitedly ??

A:Papa! Aunty want’s to be my fliend? But I don’t know youl name (pouting Cutely making both TWINJ smile)

K: Her name is twinkle..

S:(Trying to pronounce) Tw..twink..

K:Twinkle baby..


K:it’s twinkle baby..

Samaira frowned cause she wasn’t able to pronounce ?? Twinkle smiled seeing her antics and said making Samaira happy ?

T: U can call me Twinki only Samaira ?

S:Really ?

K:Baby ! U have to sleep..

Kunj took samaira to her room and sat on her bed and sung lullably to her ; whilst she slept in his Arm’s playing with his fingures..

Twinkle was smiling seeing their bond ; She went inside the room ; Kunj was Suprised to see her here at this time also..

He thought she will left but she was still here ; before twinkle could say anything Kunj asked her to come with him to his room..

They reached Kunj’s Room ; By now it was cleaned by servant ; They went and sat on attached terrace to Kunj’s Room..

Kunj continued his painful past making her feel sad on Kunj’s state and the myseries that little soul (Samaira) has faced and was unawared off..


(FLASHBACK is in Kunj’s POV)

K:After Maa & Papa’s death Bebe and di took care of me ; di never let me felt emptiness of not having parent’s though herself alway’s hided her pain ??

After Papa’s death all his property and company was over took by his partner ; But Bebe worked as a school teacher and raised us alone..

Aliya di completed her studies and got job in a multinational company and started working there..

We thought happiness was returning back to Us after completing my studies I started my own buisness ; Actually Dad had a property which he named after me and even I can also get that property after my I turn 20 ; so no one knew about this property and thus it was saved from his Evil Partner too..

After starting Buisness ; Aliya di also helped me ; Aarav Jiju was our buisness partner ; he himself was an Orphan but a very nice person at heart and alway’s treated me as his younger brother..

Aliya di and Aarav Jiju loved eachother and got married ; Happiness was returning our lives ?

Even our buisness was doing well ; we were grabbing deal’s after deal’s and our joint Buisness was breaking record..

It was when 2 year’s back Aliya di was 8 Month’s pregnant ; jiju and di were going to an Event when in between journey they met with an accident..

I was shocked completely shattered ; di and jiju were taken to hospital ; Abeer jiju died cause of fatal injuries but di was taken to hospital..

Aliya di have birth to a baby girl but wasn’t able to survive first due to accident injuries and blood loss & then due to blood loss during Labour ??


That day I thought I lost the last reason of my survival but that day Babaji sent an Angel in my life ; My Samaira (Smiled within Teary Eye’s)

By know Kunj was fully broken and crying ? Twinkle herself was numb to react ; Kunj remembered twinkle with the guy in orphanage (Abeer) and jealousy rose in him ??

K:Why are U here Know.. Ab toh you knew everything na then leave ? and be with your boyfriend (rolling his eye’s at her and keeping his hand’s on Railing)

Twinkle smiled at his jealousy ; Kunj who was seeing her by the corner of his eye’s took it in wrong way thinking she was happy listening about her boyfriend..

Twinkle moved Kunj’s one hand from railing and herself stood between railing and Kunj shocking Kunj at her act but what she said next shocked him more ??

T:Are U jealous Mr Sarna?(winking)

K:(Stuttering) N..Noo (avoiding eye contact) Why would I..i be (teary eyed)

T:(Cupping his face and making him look at her) Kunj! U mistook it.. He was Abeer Bhai..

Kunj’s Mouth was wide Open ??

T:Mr Sarna Close Ur mouth Warna makhi chali jayegi ??


Twinkle was giggling ; Kunj was irritated and said :

K:Stop Laughing ??

But twinkle being twinkle was laughing continuously but next moment her breath hitched ? Kunj pinned her to the wall ; her both hand’s intertwined with his and their faces an inch apart..

Both were staring in eachother’s eye’s intensely but kunj came back to his Ssenses and said dangerously..

K:Leave from here !

T:No I won’t ?

K:(Monologue) Twinkle plz leave from here and don’t make this more difficult for me ; If U will be with me than U will only be hurt plz leave..

A tear drop from his eye’s thinking this which was wiped by twinkle as she had freed her hand from his hold..

Kunj was came back to reality and was Suprised by her behaviour ; Finally he asked twinkle:

K:Twinkle! Why are U here.. Plzz leave from here..

T:No Kunj I won’t go..

K:(Angrily) But Why Dammit? ?

T:(Same Tone) Cause I love U Mr Kunj Sarna ?


T:(Angrily holding his Collar) I LOVE U ??

Kunj removed her hand’s from his collar and move aside saying and moving inside the room..

K:No U can’t Love me ?

Twinkle to went inside and turned him facing her their faces were an inch apart ; Kunj was teary eyed whilst twinkle was angry by now ??

T:Why can’t I ?

K:(Teary Eyed)No..I can’t Allow U to Enter In My Life..No I can’t let U change me?I can’t Give a Chance to Someone to hurt U?

T:(Teary Eyed Too)U are hurting me more than anyone else..I Love U..And I am ready to face any hurt or pain if U are with me.. and who are U to say that I can’t enter Ur life Mr Sarna ?

K:Cause twinkle I don’t even know wether I will be alive to look after Samaira or not and U are asking me to let U enter my life so that ur life also get destroyed ?

Twinkle was confused as why he was saying this when her confusion was cleared by Kunj himself ; fear took over her ??


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