love and hate are two sides of coin 1


Swarag mansion
Two girls are sitting on bed they are surrounded by cloths. There room is mash up.
Swara- Oh god! please help us Tomorrow is our first day of our office. We don’t have office type cloth.
Ragini- yes you are right, look these cloths they are useless.
One lady is coming toward there room .
Swarag:Thank god mom u come please help us.
Sumi:oh dear ,only this is. U can wear anything u luk perfect in all. You are my princess.
Swara : No mom they are dull mom.
Ragini: yes mom swara is saying right.
Swarag: mom can we go for shopping.
Sumi: okay beta, but first eat something.
Swarag: Thankyou mom u are world best mom. We love u mom.
Sumi: I luv u 2. Comefast baby all at waiting for dinner.
Swarag: We are coming.

Scene 2
At maheswari house
A boy is shown he is scolding a servant.He is our sanskar.
Sanskar: How dare u touch my stuff. You are fired. Get lost.
Servant: please forgive me sir. I only placing ur things.
Sanskar: You don’t hear. What I say. You are fired means fired.
Servant: sorry……
Sanskar: Get lost.

Scene 3
At rastraunt a boy is shown surrounded by some girls. He is laksh handsome and dashing.
Laksh: Today I am free one of u can company me 2 my farm house. So let me select.
A girl is shown coming toward him. She is kriti.
Kriti : Hey lucky I can company you. Can I ?
Laksh: That my pleasure baby.

Credit to: fan

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