love and hate are only two side of coin (intro)


I am not sure u will like it or not . This is story about swaragini. It is totally different from original serial.

Swara-she is daughter of sekhar and sumi. She is self dependent girl.she hate traditional cloths this not mean she does not respect tradition. Only her weakness is her sister. She can’t tolerate anyone hurting her.she is bubbly girl.Any one can easily flat on her.

Ragini – she is daughter of shekar and sumi.she also not like Wear traditional cloths just like swara.swara is also her weakness. She speak less as compare to swara. She is short tampered.
Both sister love music.

Sanskar – He is son of dp and ap. A very arrogant boy who does not like girls he can’t tolerate any girl. He thinks all are same. He is like prince charming of girls.He is successfull business man owner of sanlak company.

Laksh- Sanskar brother . He is just opposite to him.He like to hangouts one thing is common i.e girls. He thinks girls like toy.

Credit to: fan

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  1. nice intro .
    i like it

    1. Tara if I am not u also write ff na.

    1. Thanks yr

  2. Cute and sweet

    1. Thanks yr.

  3. Nice intro

  4. Sweet…..intro…

  5. Good intro…

  6. Gud start… hope it will be intresting..

    1. I will try my best

  7. Nice…

  8. Nice intro waiting to read the ff

  9. swalak plz because theres a lot of swasan

  10. Nice..
    Bt plzz make it swasan n raglak. ..

  11. Nice……

  12. Nice intro waiting fr 1st episode plzzz update 2day will be waiting

  13. Thanks all of u.

  14. Swalak and ragsan

  15. interesting

  16. Superb intro…..waiting to read ur next update …

  17. interesting. .
    pls make it swasan and raglak.
    and also lengthy. .

    merry Christmas. .

  18. make it swasan or i will kill you. Just joking yaar

  19. Nice intro…..plz swasan and raglak

  20. awesome. ..plz make it swasan and raglak

  21. Interesting intro

  22. Swasan and raglak plz

  23. Thanks frnd and merry Christmas.

  24. nice.. Make swalak as couple

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