Here ur salluzz came with a new ff…I have already given a brief idea about that…

It sounds interesting bt the fact is that, whenever we did something just to fullfill our revenge, we dont the pain that our rival might feel moreover after completion of ur revenge when u find that, it was not because of that person mistake everything happened…how will u will u answer to ur heart..lets see what destiny have bought in swara’s life

Character sketch

Swara gadodia:Dr by profession…a simple kind hearted lady whose dream is to start her own hospital to treat poor without takinh any money..she currently works at maheswary hospital as a junior surgeon…any time any one can go and as her help for treatment…twin sister of laksh

Laksh gadodia:proud of his sister swara.loves her deeply and can do anything for her…a young businessman…swara used to help in takinh decisions…loves his cousin ragini kappor..and plan to marry her.swara always supported him in these matters

Ragini kappor:laksh love interest…even she loves laksh, bt didn’t confessed it yet…cousin of swalak..a desighner by profession loves swara lot and calls her shona dii….

Sanskar maheswary:a senior dr at maheswary hospital.he is bit arrogant and is behind money and reputation.he doesnt like swara at all, he will never waste a single moment to insult swara that too infrnt of all

Kavya maheswary:spoiled brat..pampered sister of with ragini . jealous of her in profession. .loves laksh and needs him at any cost…she knws that laksh loves ragini, still make up all plans to seperate them..cunning and arrogant…

Sanskar is about 28 years whereas swalak are 25, ragini is of 21 whereas kavya is at 23

Dp is in coma because of mistake that swara committed durinh his surgery and even swara is guilty for that..

Shekar and sharmista are the parents of swalk..they consider them as best frnd..even if its big or small, everything is shared between them..they are the ideal family in their town…


A colony is seen (badi).some people are gathered around a small hut.all were continuesly praying to god..we are able to hear the screaming of a lady…..

At last we heard a baby crying…all thanks god for that..

A girl comes out in her formal salwar suit.she has baby covered with cloth…she lift the baby up…

Villager:swara betaa

The girl is swara

Swara:u have got a baby girl…

All dances in joy

Dadi:beta…can u plz name this girl…im sure once she grows up she will be having all ur values….give her one name beta…

Swara looks at the baby..the baby smiles at her

Swara:muskhan muskhan muskhan
(She uttered it 3 times in baby ears) naming her a muskhan, she will bring smile to everyone…she will make ur heart filled with happiness…

She gives muskhan to dadi…

Dadi:may god bless u child…

She takes her dr cot frm a boy and leaves

Swara turns back
Swara:dadi..I have given sarojini didi a medicine..Once she gain concious, ask ger to feed milk to muskhan…mama milk is important to child

Dadi nodes…swara leaves in her car…

She looked at the time, it shows 4:30 am in mrng…

She reaches home

Sumi comes and opens the door for her

Sumi:boy or girl


Sumi:name how u knw maa

Sumi:past 1 year same thing happens naa

Swara:haa u didnt sleep yet

Sumi:I just waked up hearinh car sound..dont get completely okk…now go and sleep

Swara kisses sumi and goes to her room

Sumi:hey bagwan, plz protect my children from all evils..keep them happy always..let them support each other…

Sumi too leaves to her room….

At hospital:

Swara enters the hospital…as soon as she enters, all people stands up including children adult and even old age people (as part of respect)
She smiles to them and enters the cabin…

Nurse:seeta, I dont get, why all are standing up when they see dr swara

Seeta:paru..its because u are new here…

Paru:bt I could see if it was our MD or someone else, these people ever didn’t stand up

Seeta:its nothing paru…dr swara treats them with respect and she doesn’t have any partiality between patients bt for other drs, they will look at their money and give treatment…


“Whats the hell is going on there, if u finished ur gossiping go and clean everything”

Seeta and paru turns back and finds a young dashinh man standing there with stethoscope on his hand

Paru:sory sanskar sir

Yes the man is sanskar

Sanskar:call me dr sanskar..understand (bit louder)

Seeta and paru nodes and goes to their respective wards…

After sometimes swara hears some noise frm outside…

She goes outside and finds sanskar alleging a old lady

Sanskar:if u dont knw how to walk then sit there at a corner…

Dadi:dr saab…

Sanskar:because of u, I got my cot dirt and even my watch broke

Swara comes there

Swara:dadi..what happened
Dadi:beta…while I was walking by mistake my stick get twisted and as a result dr saab cot beacme dust and his watch hitt the wall

Swara:dadi..dont worry..come I will get a vehicle for u…

Sanskar (shouting) this is ur working time..u r not allowed to go out..and one more..ask this old lady to pay the money of my watch and clean my cot now

Swara:what are u saying sir…she came in hospital for her treatment bt u r giving her work..

Sanskar:I already said miss swara….u can’t understand the value of this watch…and money..u r always busy in roaming around badi and all naa

Swara:sir plz…..

She ask a nurse to drop the old lady..

Swara:u want to clean ur cot naa..give it I will wash it for u…

Swara takes the cot with her and goes

Sanskar:wait there…then what about this watch…

Swara takes that too

Swara:by tomorrow morning u will havr ur watch and cot on ur table…is that enough Sir……

Swara goes to her cabin……and continue her consulting…

This happens in hospital everyday…whenevrr sanskar gets a small thing, he will make it as a big issue and as usual swara will comes between and gets scolded…and last make her work as a maid..


A girl comes to cabin all boys were continuesly looking at her, she was wearing a short 3/4th pant with a mini top and have high heels…

Girl:hii guys…im kavya..kavya maheswary…new desighner….

Boy:u r always welcome dear…

Kavya gives him a flying kiss…

After somtime
Another girl enters in green and blue anarkali suit with a pony tile…

Priya:hii ragini…why late

Yes the girl is ragini

Ragini:actually block..

Priya:u knw ragini, a chudail has come


Priya:haa ragini…our new designer…by seeing her dress I felt lile she is ailing frm a poor family..u knw her dress are torn frm hear and there

Both smiles…

Just then kavya comes there

Kavya:hii im kavya..kavya maheswary ragini..ragini kappor…

Kavya:nice meeting u miss behengi..

Ragini:even I should say, nice meeting u miss poor lakdi

Kavya:what u mean(shoutinh)
Ragini:by seeing ur dres I thought u r ailing frm a poor family….

Kavya:how dare u

She was about to slap her and ragini holds back kavya hand

Ragini:look miss kavya…u called me behengi I dint reacted for doesn’t mean that I will tolerate all ur nonsense…I hope u understand

Saying ragini leaves frm there with priya

Kavya:I will show u miss ragini…

Ragini call someone

Ragini:shona dii

Swara:hii ragu…how was ur day..

Ragini describe all things happened niw

Swara:dont worry ragini…she deserves that and one more thing..if u get any project for new design u should make extra copy okk and dont show it to anyone…I hope u got it

Ragini:haa..dii..I will and thanks

Swara:u r saying thanks to ur dii..its not fair..

Ragini:dii…d..did..l..lak..laksh c..called. .u
(Little tensed to ask)

Swara:wow..ragu..I was expecting this question..I knw u love why are u not telling it

Ragini:bt what if he dont like me…anyways I will call u later dii

Ragini cuts the call and blushes

Swara:poor girl…even laksh also says same…bt I must say they are made for each other…

Swara smiles…

Precap:laksh intro…raglak kavlak scenes…sanskar yells at swara

Credit to: salluzz

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