LOVE? HATE? Intro to New Entries

Hey guys . This is not an update . Sorry for that .

Thankyou so much for all your views . It really means a lot .

So , guys  . Actually , there are some new entries .

Shivay’s group :-


Anika’s group :-


Okay . So they are Shivay and Anika friends . They don’t play a bigger role , so I just gave their names .

Some more entries are there like .

Pinky Oberoi – A lady who loves all her three sons a lot . Can do anything for them. Mother of shiv om ru .
Shakti Oberoi – A man who loves all his three sons a lot . Can do anything for them . Father of shiv om ru .

Janvi Thakur – A lady who loves all her three daughters a lot . Can do anything for them . Mother of anika , gauri and soumya .
Tej Thakur – A man who loves their daughter a lot . Possessive about them , but at some point for him money is more important . Father of anika , gauri and soumya

Mr. Khurrana – A man who loves money , but shows that he loves his son very much and can do anything for him . Father of Daksh khurrana .

So , they are the new entries .
Thankyou for all your support and love . If you have any questions about the new entries or something , you can ask me .
I’ll post the next chapter soon .

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