Love, Hate, Fate


Hey, Everyone… It`s Maria agin:) Glad You guys liked my drabble. This Time I`m not here to post a drabble….I wrote a poem on IF and Aytac suggested me to post it here and I think it was a great idea so posting it here.. Hope you guys will like it
Love, Hate and Fate I was getting bored so I wrote somethingEmbarrassed

She can only Love,
But coz of Fate she said she hate.
She hid everything, Just from me
And I couldn’t tolerate, She asked me to wait
I lost soo much Weight
She said everything but too late
I was thinking to take her on date
Before I could My memory lost it’s gate
But I’M ROCKSTAR DA GREAT, who can’t be late
I saw my Fuggy, I found da gate
I was on cloud twenty-eighth
Now I have to concentrate, on my plan
Don’t Underestimate
I’m Abhi da Rockstar My Fuggy’s Hotstar

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  1. PrincessesMadhu

    Hahaha..It’s nice and it’s funny…definitely made me laugh ???

    1. Hawa-Hawaii

      Thanyou 🙂 Glad You laughed

  2. Rithu

    Very nice

    1. Hawa-Hawaii

      ThankYou 🙂

  3. RiyaDcruz

    Lol it was funny dear it made me laugh actually I was crying nw due 2 pain as I fall off from d stairs ?????

    1. Hawa-Hawaii

      Thanks… Hope you are feeling better now 🙂

  4. Superb funny….

    1. Hawa-Hawaii

      Thanks dear

  5. Prathi

    Hello Hawa- Hawai!! ( Maria) Its soo good I really laughed my heart out!!

    1. Hawa-Hawaii

      Thanks dear… Glad I made you laughed

  6. Good Afternoon Maria Di !???
    This was Too Nice !?????????? I guess this is your first attempt to write poems that too on AbhiGya …. This is totally different !??? Hope u come up with lots more thoughts of yours and I would Love to read all of them !??? And Thanks Aytac di for suggesting her to post it here ! ?
    Waiting for your next post !

    1. Hawa-Hawaii

      It`s morning here so God morning:)
      And Thank you so much….

  7. Hahaha nice poem!…

  8. This was superb!???

  9. nice dear…….

  10. It is so awesome man!

    1. Hawa-Hawaii

      Thanks! 🙂

  11. Very funny??

  12. Vidhya

    omg.. it’s ROFL.. loved it.. fuggi’s hotstar.. wow.. awesome awesome.. very funny.. cloud twenty eighth.. omg.. just loved it.. superb.

  13. Superbbbb yarrrr I loved it it was to funny

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