LOVE? HATE? Chapter 8

Hey guys . I some how wrote this chapter for u all today . Hope u guys like it .

Chapter 8

  A Month later

 10:00 pm

Shivay’s Pov :-

Bed time . Yayy ! But ,  I am just alone in this big house , as my two monkeys have gone out .

Ru is having some party at one of his friend’s house while om has gone for studying , with his …. Wait . Did I tell you guys ?  Huhh. Om has got a crush on *don’t tell anyone please* gauri . Yeah . My Anika’s sister . I met gauri once , even I don’t remember much . But she is amazing girl . I am happy for my omki . They both make a amazing couple .

I don’t know when is my love story going to get completed ? Huhh.
I didn’t even see my anika properly since a month . I know she hates seeing me or ever being near me . So , I just stay far away from her . Because , her happiness is my happiness  .

I know it’s my mistake , what I’ve  done with her was really bad . But I had to , I had no other choice . I am still guilty . Infact , now also I cant tell her why I had to do that and make her whole family suffer .

That secret . It’s a secret just between me and anika . No one knows , not even omru . I am just waiting  for a correct time so that I can do sloes my this secret and get my anika back .

I am sure she will understand . Then , we will lead a very happy life . No one can separate us . Just me and my anika .

Busy in my thoughts about my princess . I didn’t know when sleep took over me and maybe I again got busy in my dreams with love . 

Anika’s Pov :-

Its 10 and sleep is far far far away from me . Choti has gone to some party while Chutki is busy studying . Huhh . Studying , I don’t know what studying she would be doing when she is with her crush .
Yeah . The one about whom she told in that game . Her omki , jatadari hippi , lambe baal wala prani ; dont know what all names she has kept for him .

Om is an amazing person I’ve met . He and gauri will surely be the best couple ever  . They look so cute together . I am so so happy for my Chutki .

I am so happy that my college life is going amazing , excluding the first day . I met him . I still can’t believe that he is in my college . Thank god . I didn’t see him after that day . Afterall , he too knows how much I hate him . How much I hate to even see his face . And why not ? He made my family suffer alot . He snatched our ……. I can’t think . I don’t want to think .

I wiped my tears and pulled my comforter more close to me . Slowly and Steadily ….I went in the arms of the sleep .

“Aaaaaaa” I got up from my sleep due to my worse nightmare ever .
I jumped from my bed and went to drink some water .

I came back , sat on my bed and wiped the sweat from my face due to the nightmare and also took some deep breaths to calm myself .

Shivay Singh Oberoi , am not going to leave you . I’ll ruin you .
I will snatch your love from you . And your love is ….me . I know you love me alot . You can do anything for me . But I will never let that happen . Just wait and watch .

Next day

I woke up due to the disturbance of the alarm clock . I glanced at the clock to know the time and Oh my God !  I am late for college .

I ran to the bathroom , before that picked my clothes and freshened up and came out as soon as possible .

I went down took my champa and reached my college soon . Thanks to my Champa .

The whole time I was smirking as today’s day Mr.Shivay Singh Oberoi is never going to forget .


Hope this was long . And everyone , take care , next update will be most propably on 28th or August .
Anyways , take care .

Love you all .


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