LOVE? HATE? Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Anika’s Pov :-

I reached there and tapped the guy’s shoulder , making him turn around and I was totally dumbfounded .

Mr. Shivay Sing Oberoi . The person whom I hate the most in my whole life . What the hell on earth is he doing here ?

“An..Anika” said he stammering

I don’t want to face this . I wanna go , go from here , live my life peacefully . Please .

I turned to go as I don’t wanna see his face . I-I …God please save me from this .

Shivay’s Pov :-

We all were talking nicely , enjoying our day . When suddenly someone tapped on my shoulder . I turned around and I was
totally dumbfounded.

“An..Anika ” . Said I stammering , not believing my eyes .

My Anika was standing there . The person who I love the most . The person who is my life . Though , I never said her but I – I love her to the moon and back . She is my life . I can’t belive my eyes . I just want to hug her , take her in my embrace .

While I was busy in my thoughts , which were just about my love . She turned to go , as I knew she hated me . She hated me to the core of her heart , but I love her to the core of my heart .

I tried to stop her but in vain . She ran away from there . She, My anika had tears in her eyes and the cause of those tears were me . I hated it when she cries , that too because of me . I am so – so bad . I hate myself for this .

I sat there with a thump while tears made their way through my eyes .

Great . I couldn’t stop her again .


Hey guys . Thankyou for all your coments . Hope you are liking the story .
And super sorry for posting late , coz of the net issues . Anyways , take care everyone .
I will try my best uploading one more chapter , if possible . Till then , take care everyone .

Love you all . Will meet you guys after 28th . ???

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