LOVE? HATE? Chapter 6

Anika’s Pov :-

“Ohkay . So , your dare is very simple . Just go and kiss that guy   .”said Mallika pointing to a guy whose back was facing me and was just sitting on the opposite table .

Woww !! I got an amazing dare . I thought in my mind , not to forget sarcastically .

“What if I don’t do ?”

“Then do another dare ”

“And what’s that dare ?”

“Nothing much . Then , you have to propose him and also kiss . That’s it.”

“Are you guys K-RA-ZY ?”

“Yeah . We are . Now do any of these . Or if you want do both ” said they and winked at me .

“Wait . I doubt , are you guys my friends or enemies ?Huhh.”

“Do the dare fast ” said khushi , ignoring my above
statement . Expected .

Okay . Till now it was fine , but I’ve never done this before . I mean boyfriends , proposing , love , kiss and bla bla bla are not my cup of tea . I always stay far away from all those shits . And that’s what I have to do now . Yeah . At some point am nervous . I agree . What if he thinks I am some ‘Bad girl’ type ? I mean what will he think of me ?

“Anika , what are u thinking ha ? Go fast and complete your dare .”
Said Mallika , breaking my chain of thoughts .

“Yeah . I’ll”

I stood up from my chair and started taking slow steps towards the table , thinking what’s going to happen next ?

I reached there and tapped the guy’s shoulder , making him turn around and I was totally dumbfounded .


Hey guys . Thanks for your support .And do you think anika is going to do her dare ??

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