LOVE? HATE? Chapter 5

Hey guys super sorry for late update and above that not able to reply you guys . I am so sorry . Today i’ll try to update most of the chapters coz till 28th of July I won’t be able to update as my net package ki o my mata ho jaegi aaj .

Okay , here goes the next epi .

Chapter 6

Anika’s Pov :-

“Dare” said khushi as we spinned some random bottle and it landed on her .

“So , nothing much . You just have to pour this whole water on your head . Simple right ” said tia pointing towards a water bottle , filled with icy cold water .

“Yeah , very simple . Already it’s so hot , as I am sitting here ” said khushi and winked at us while we rolled our eyes .

She took the bottle and poured the water on her head . Khushi closed her eyes as the water was really cold .

Her hair’s became wet followed by her little cute face .

“Done” khushi said with a bright smile .

We spinned the bottle once again and – and it landed on my
Chutki . Woohoooo .

“Truth or dare”asked Mallika

“Hai shankar ji ! Kaha phase gaye . ” She whispered but it was loud enough .

“Gauri , tell truth or dare ” asked tia this time .

“Hum truth lenge ” (“I’ll take truth”) said gauri with a nervous smile , still on her face .

“Okay . So , any of ur recent crush ? ” said tia .

“Naahi . Naahi . Hum dare le sakte hai kya ” said chutki .

“Okay . So your dare is to tell your recent crush’s name ?” Mallika said and smirked to herself .

Chutki made a puppy face but finally agreed .

“When I came to the college na , I met a guy . He had long hairs , tall , he wore some loose khaki pants with a lose T-shirt . I don’t know his name . I felt some special connection with him . He is – He is just …. I don’t know what to say .” Said chutki with a unknown smile .

I’m happy for her .

“Ohhho . Kisi ko pyar-vyar toh nahi ho gaya . ” said khushi .

“Yeah . You know love at first sight . ” said Mallika and gave a hi-fi to khushi .

“Aisa kuch nahi hai ha .” Said chutki , trying to cover up .

“Waise chutki , voh abhi canteen mein hai kya . Mujhe dekha hai mere hone wale jiju ko ” (” Chutki , is he present in canteen ? I wanna see my jiju “) said with a teasing tone .

“Haa . Udhar “(“yes . There .”) Said chutki pointing to the table opposite to us but then she bit her tongue .

“Di , aap bhi .”(” di , u also “) said chutki while making a puppy face .

“Awe .” I said and side hugged her .

We again spinned the bottle and-and , what I didn’t wanted that happened .

The bottle landed on me . Great .

“Truth or dare”said tia with a smirk forming on her face , which I don’t know what was it for ?

I took a deep breath and said “dare” as I am not at all ready to disclose any of my secrets .

“Ohkay . So , your dare is to …….” Mallika said , shocking the hell out of me .


Think Think what is Anika’s dare .

Don’t put much pressure on ur chotu sa brain . I’ll update soon .

Till then , take care .? thanks for the comments and supporting me . Love u all .

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