LOVE? HATE? Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Anika’s Pov :-

I and gauri reached to our college with my new Champa , which I love to the core .

I parked my Champa and we both removed our helmets and kept it in the secret door of my Champa .

Then , we both took steps towards the gate of college .

I don’t know why , but as I entered the college I started getting some bad vibes .

How is my first day in college going to be ? Before I was exited , but now I am so freaking nervous .

Will everyone accept me here ? How is the studies going to be ?
How is my first day going to be ? I am so nervous mahn ….

As I came out from my thoughts , I noticed chutki wasn’t there beside me . Now , where the hell did she go ?

I walked here and there and noticed her with some other college students . Now , who are they ? Ahh …

I walked over them and noticed that chutki was talking to mom’s best friend’s daughter , Mallika .

I got so happy seeing her that I directly went and hugged her tight .

This is going to be amazing …..


Chapter 5

Anika’s Pov :-

I felt so happy meeting Mallika . Finally , I can say my college life is going to be awesome .

Mallika is a amazing girl ever I’ve met . You’ve never going to get bored , when she is with you . I love her a lot .

As I saw Mallika I hugged her making her squeeze while she too hugged me back , excitedly and making me too squeeze .

And then some of mallika’s besties came , tia and khushi .

They too were amazing just like Mallika . I think our group is gonna rock the college .

Then , we had some of our lill girly talks and as the bell rang , we all moved towards the first class .

Lunch Time

The half of my day was boring , as I thought . As none of my friends were there and also due to the boring , NO , Super boring
lectures . Huhh .

We all were sitting in the canteen having some junk foods and also talking some non-sense .

Suddenly , my sissy , chutki got an idea .

” Suno . Suno . Let’s play a game . I mean we people don’t know much each other . So , can we play  Truth and dare ? ” Said chutki .

“Yeah , good idea . ” said tia .

While khushi and Mallika agreed with her .

But I disagreed as whenever I’ve played truth and dare , it has always created some or the other problem .

“No . No . Please , not this game ” I said trying to make them understand .

” Aree ! Kya yaar ani . Please na “( ” what’s this ani ? Please ” ) said khushi while others agreed to her .

“Please guys . Noo ” said I .

“Tujhe khelna parega . And that’s it , No more arguments ” said Mallika .

So , finally I agreed to them , thinking  what problem this time this game is going to make in my life and also my first day will no more be as good as I thought after meeting my newly  made friends .


So , the girls team has decided to play Truth and dare . And according to anika , whenever she had played this game she had landed in trouble . So , what trouble this time truth and dare is going to make ?

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