LOVE? HATE? Chapter 3

Hey guys .
I have a khidkitod plan . Yeah .
As u all read in chapter 2 , they all have nicknames . So , ani ‘s nickname is NIKU , As u know . Gauri’s nickname is CHUTKI while soumya/bhavya is CHOTI .
So , no worries . I can’t make any of u sad . Most probably , I’ll be using nicknames . So u can imagine anyone . Hoon na mai khidkitod .

Okay coming to epi .


Shivay’s Pov :-

Me and Om reach to the college with our brand new Audi A4 which is extremely swift, silent, and sporty—and one of the best in its class. The exterior is understated; its interior handsome and sophisticated with pleasing materials.

We parked our car and pushed our legs to the college  .

As we entered my new college , all eyes were on us . Was I looking funny ? Or did I had some marks on my face ? I touched my face and cleaned the imaginary lines on my face .

But I guess , that was just because I was new or something . But Who cares ?

I shrugged my stupid thought and continued walking inside the college . Om was still beside me doing the same thing I was doing , walking .

I don’t know how is my first day of college going to be ? Will it be good ? Or the worse ? Or Will I get bullied by the other students ? Will I be bored ? Or will I get some amazing friends for my life ? Will everyone like me ? Or will I meet my princess , my love of life ?

So many questions occupied in my mind making me stumble but om saved me . Thanks to him .
I am really happy or say nervous . God know what’s going to happen today .


That’s it .
Hope you all liked it . Please tell ur views …

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  2. very interesting but too short so i’m a little disappointing….please make it longer

    1. I m sorry for short chapter , but i’ll update soon . Plzz bear with short chapters .
      Thankyou ??

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