LOVE? HATE? Chapter 2


The sun is raising , the birds are chirping . Some are waken up from their deep slumber while some are still enjoying in their dreams , just like the Thakur sister’s .

The rays of the sun dance on the faces of three girls who are busy in their dream world . But they were just succesful in waking up one of the girl whilst other two were still busy in their sweet dreams ,  maybe with their Prince charms .

Anika’s Pov :-

I woke up due to the disturbance of the stupid rays .
As I woke up , the first thing I saw was my two beautiful sisters sleeping . They looked so cute . Who will believe they are a disaster when they are in their senses .
I chuckle at my own thoughts and go to the mission ‘wake up my two sisso’s ‘ .

“Chutki . Chutki . Uth na “(“Chutki . Chutki . Get up na”)

“Choti . Choti . Tu toh Uth jaa”(“Choti . Choti . Atleast you get up”)

I say them , but as usual it was of no use . I sit on the bed with disappointment when suddenly I get an idea to which I smirk to myself .

“Hey shankar ji ! Ab kya hoga . Aaj Monday hai , aur aaj college bhi hai . Kitna late ho gya hai . 10 baj gaye . Aur Sabse important baat , kisi ko aaj shankar ji ke liye pooja karna tha aur vrat bhi rakh tha . Ab  shankar ji naaraz naa ho jaaye ”  (“O god ! Now what will happen . Today is monday and college is also there . It has become so late , it’s 10 . And above that , the most important thing is that someone had to do pooja and also had to fast for shankar ji , God . I hope now shankar ji , God doesn’t get angry “)  I say this or rather say shout .

And . And . My plan worked . I shout and dance in my mind .

“Hey shankar ji !! Hume maaf kar dijeye . Uww ka hai na , kal raat bohot der ho gya tha na . Hum jaan buj ke aisa nahi kiye . Sachii , shankar ji .Hume maaf kar dijeye ” (” O god ! Please forgive me . Actually , yersterday night it got so late , that’s why . I didn’t do it purposely . Please forgive me . “)

Gauri , chutki started murmuring something while closing her eyes tightly and joining her both the hands .

While I started laughing loudly .

“Huhh . Chalo ek wicket gira ” (” okay . So one wicket fell .” ) I murmur to myself and slightly chuckle .

“Haww . Niku di , this was ur plan . ”  Chutki say while I give her a sheepish smile .

” Means , I can do my pooja and even won’t be late for college . Yayy! But di , I didn’t expected this . Does some do like this , that too to your own sister . Huhh . ” She say and make a cute puppy face .

“Awe , my sissy . Cholly (sorry)” I say her and we both hug .

“Aree , di . Now , let’s wake this sleepy head . I have a superb idea . ”

“What idea ?”

She says me a full-on khidkitod plan in my ears and I give her a thumps  up .

And :-
and ‘Go’

We both started tickling Choti , my Soumya . She was laughing like a maniac catching her stomach .

Finally , we stopped her tickling , as even she was getting late for her first day in high school .

This is how is my relationship with my two sissy’s . I love them to the core . They are my life . Hope they always be happy .
And today is my and chutki’s first day in college . I don’t know how it’s going to be . I am happy too and even nervous ….


So , guys how was this chapter . Hope you all liked it . Thank you so much for all your love and support . Keep supporting me like that .

But I have few questions , please answer them and tell ur views .

• So , should I keep gauri or ishana ?? Who do you want ?
• And same question , but do you want bhavya or Soumya ?? Who?
• And the most important question , Should I continue this ff or not ??

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  1. Di soumya obiviiously

    1. Lve_surbhi

      Ohhkay . Thanks .??
      P.s , no need of calling me dI .??

  2. Keep Gauri and Soumya…. And yes continue

    1. Lve_surbhi

      Yeah .
      Thanks prapti ??

  3. Sagithya

    Amazing yaar… I want gauri n bavya …. U should continue this ff…. Waiting for the next part…

    1. Lve_surbhi

      Thanks sagithya di . I’ll try . ??

  4. Gauri and continue this ff please

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  5. Niriha

    Awesome…I want guarI and soumya

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  6. Alekhika20

    Nice update

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    pls put gauri and bhavya.. and also continue this ff

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      Thankyou . I’ll try .??

    2. Lve_surbhi

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  10. Aashi9

    Gauri & Soumya pls
    awesome episode
    sweet & short
    update soon

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  11. Awesome epi dr….. Gouri nd Soumya…

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  12. Radhika.k

    This one awesome dear!!!Anika praying to her shankar jii,the sissy bond!!!-I am loving it!!!
    1.I think everyone likes gauri,so go for it.
    2.Obvio Soumya,many r missing atleast we can relish her through Ffs!!
    3.No negative thoughts dear!!!Just 2 Chapters r over!!!N ur writing is good!!Soo plz continue it.
    Post soon!!

    1. Thankyu so much di .
      Yeah . I’ll continue …??

    2. Thanks di . Yeah, I’ll continue . ??


    Dear surbhi
    I want gauri and soumya?

    Take care?

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