Love Has No Boundaries (Part 2)


Hi everyone. Sorry for the late update, and I hope that u all will definitely like it
Ishita and Ruhi spending time together
Ishita: Ruhi, what we will do today?
Ruhi: Lets watch a movie, go to shopping
Ishita: Which movie u would love to see
Ruhi: Zootopia,please. Ishima, u know that I love Disney movies
Ishita: Ok. I will listen to my daughter….
Mani: Ishu, I have to go to Philadelphia today for an important meeting..Take care
Ishita: I will drop u in airport by car
Mani: Ok
Ishita drops Mani at airport and Ruhi and Ishita go to shopping
Ruhi: Ishima, where r we going now?
Ishita: First we will go to shopping in Costco because we don’t have few things right and Ruhi’s favourite muffins
Ruhi: Then after shopping a movie at our home right..
Ishita: Yes
Ishita and Ruhi are in shopping
Ishita: Ruhi, what do u want?
Ruhi: Muffins and cake
Ishita and Ruhi are near the billing counter and they both come and they car keys fall down fall down and just then Raman sees Ishita and Ruhi near their car.Just then a man(An American) takes the notice of Ishita’s car keys
Man: Excuse me, r these ur car keys?
Ishita: Yes, how did u find
Man: Actually ur purse was semi open and they keys fell of
Ishita: Thanks a lot
Man: Its my duty
Ishita and Ruhi leave
Ishita: Ruhi, do u want to have donuts
Ruhi: Yes please…
Ishita: We r stopping at Dunkin Donuts and Ishima wants to have some coffee
Ruhi: Ok, then that’s great
Raman stops near Dunkin donuts and follows Ishita and Ruhi until their home
Raman reaches to their home
Raman(to himself): Ishita, I am sorry for the wound I gave to u…I know that I did everything wrong and u will never forgive for this bigger sin…Should I go or not enter the house?
Raman hesitantly rings the bell of Ishita’s door and Ishita is shocked to see Raman
Ishita(shocked): Raman, what was the need for u to come to Basking Ridge??
Raman: Ishita, please listen to me
Ishita: Please don’t show me ur face…I hate u Raman, please get out
Raman leaves the place with a heavy heart
Ishita and Ruhi r watching their favourite movie Zootopia
Just then doorbell rings . It turns out to be her neighbour Mrs Marsh
Ishita: Hello Mrs Marsh. How r u? Anything happened
Mrs Marsh: Hi Ishita..If u don’t mind can u please take care of Teddy for two hours please
Ishita: Why not Mrs Marsh. Its my pleasure
Mrs Marsh: I am going to a party so I am giving him to you
Mrs Marsh hands her poodle Teddy to Ishita
Ruhi: who was it Ishima??
Ishita: No Ruhi, Mrs Marsh gave her poodle Teddy for two hours, three of us will enjoy a lot
Ruhi: Yaaay
Scene 5
Raman: I am such a bad husband….Why did I do this
Just then Raman enters Ishita’s home again
Ruhi: Papa?
Raman: Ruhi how r u..I love u
Ruhi: U don’t love me papa….Why did u scold Ishima? Why did u call Ishima bad…She is the world’s best Momma
Raman: Ruhi, I am very sorry please
Ruhi: U persuaded me but u need to persuade Ishima
Ishita: Ruhi go and play with Teddy,
Ruhi: Yes
Ruhi and Teddy play
Ishita: why did u throw me out of the home three months ago Raman…I just hate u…I was about to commit suicide because of u…but Ruhi only saved me from jumping into the cliff
Raman: I know Ishita that I had hurt u a lot and please forgive me and comeback to India…
Ishita: Ok I will come back to India
Mani also comes, Ishita goes forward and hugs Mani…Raman gets jealous seeing Ishita and Mani hugging each other
Mani: Raman, u r also here, how r u
Raman: Fine
Mani: Why did u behave rudely with Ishu 3 months ago
Raman stays quiet..
Raman: I have come take Ishita back to India
Ishita Raman and Ruhi are back in Delhi
Mrs Bhalla sees Ishita and hugs her
Mrs Bhalla: Ishu, how r u and Ruhi,
Ishita: Ruhi is also good
Ruhi: Dadi!!
Raman gets the baby
Ishita gets ecstatic on seeing her daughter..
Precap: Raman planning for a Romantic movie with Ishita but Ishita to ignore him for a while
Spoiler: Ishita to forgive Raman and Sarika and Nidhi to be arrested

Credit to: Prithvi

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  1. Nice but u shouldn’t have allowed ishu to forgive raman easily but overall it’s superb next one pls

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Raman reached ishita n ruhi n apologized.finally they accepted raman.raman jealous of seeing ishita mani 2gether.hope it doesnt create mu btw them.raman ishita n ruhi back 2 is so interesting

  3. superrrrr………. nice eeeeee……

  4. This is not coming to real episode so can u tell me y u writing this

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