Love is hard part 96

Hey guyssssss, i am actually a but upset becuase i am not getting so many comments. U guys i hope u know that ur comments are the only things that keep me writing without support. Alsoo would u like me to continue u this fan fic or make another one with another story you guys maybe missed this message on my previous upload because once again i only got one company ment.

After suhani and karan left.the nurse a while later got permission from the doctor to shift krishnas baby to her room.
Saiyam and krishna were in the room. Krishna was still unconscious
Saiaym: yaar krishna please wake up. Tum nahi sosacti ab. Humari toh choti se princess bi hai
A while later nurse came in with their baby
Nurse: has mrs birla not woken yet
Saiyam: no, i was getting concerned as well
Nurse: okay i will find the doctor and let him know, and u take care od your girl
Saiyam: ji thank you
Saiyam held her for the first time and it bought tears to his eyes
Saiyam: hello princess, yeh dehko mein apka papa hoon.
Saiyam carried his baby around the room for a while and looked at krishna a few minutes after
Saiyam: ab isse dehko.
The doctor came in and asked saiyam some questions.
Doctor: she just has low level of blood rite now. We have got her blood type and in a few hours she will be awake
Saiyam: thank u so much
Doctor: its what we do
Saiyam kept walking around with his baby and talking to her
Saiyam: i never could imagine that i would carry my own child or even have one.
Hours passed, yuvani and karan, suhani and yuvraaj had all seen the baby.
Suhani: okay saiyam if u need anything please let us know
Yuvraaj: haan and message us as soon as krishna wakes up
Saiyam: okay i will do
Yuvaani: muje be jana hoga, meera ko dehk ne
Saiyam: haan all of u can go home honestly. Karan u also need some rest
Karan: are u sure, i can stay if u want
Saiyam: no no u all go home
They all listened to him
Krishna woke up an hour later and asked for water
Saiyam ran to her and hugged her
Saiyam; krishna, krishna tum theek ho. I was so scared, u wernt waking up yaar
Krishna: mein teek ho
Saiyam: krishna voh dehko uder, in the cradle
Krishna: baby
Saiyam: humari baby
Krishna: yahan le ao usse
Saiyam bought over baby and handed her to krishna
She started crying in happiness and showered her new child with kisses
Saiyam: yeh saab kushi ke tears hai rite
Krishna: of course, saiyam yeh dehko. Yeh choti si guria meri ander ti or ab mere samne
Saiyam: muje be do na its my turn
Krishna: nai i am sure that for hours she must have been with u
Saiyam: haan, but she spent time with ma and papa, yuvani and karan
Krishna: han voh sab?
Saiyam: i sent them home becuase they were tired
Krishna: when will i get to go home
Saiyam: doctor said u will be discharged tomorrow.

U guyss this was a short episode but i have many more coming. Also i have two more story ideas and i am willing to make more ff only if u guys continue to u like my work and give le feed back

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