Love is hard part 93

Yuvraaj and sharad broke the mirror and was shocked to see saiyam inside
Suhani screamed his name and they all ran to him
Krishna had lost it and was crying like mad : isse kya hua saiyam please wake up
They all took him inside and lay him on the bed.
Saiyam opened his eyes slowly
Everyone got really happy and especially krishna. Suhani and bhavnaa fed him
Saiyam: how did u alll find me
Suhani: we didnt find u, krishna found u
Saiyam: krishna did u eat anything yet u wernt eating or sleeping
Krishna: haan i did eat

After some time everyone left after talking about baby And deciding what to do
everyone went a while later krishna was sitting next to him and said nothing.
Saiyam: why are u so quiet
Krishna: i dont think tumhe patha hai saiyam how scared i got.
Saiyam: but i am fine. Mein tumhe or humare baby ko kasai chor ke jata
Krishna: saiyam mein tumhare bina nahi rahi sakti
She said this in a broken voice
Saiyam: krishna tum pagal ho. I was gone for only four hours

Krishna: saiyam that was a very long time.
Saiyam: okay sorry
Saiyam hugged krishna and kisses her forehead
Krishna: promise me that u wont ever leave me, i will die without you
Saiyam: shuu talking about death doesn’t suit u. I will not leave my family i promise. But now rona bas karo okay. Its very late and u need to sleep
Saying that they both fell asleep in eachothers arms

In suhanis room
Yuvraaj: i dont know how to get hold of baby. She is slowly crossing all boundaries
Suhani: haan yuvraaj i think we need to involve more police and set them to search her
Yuvraj: han i think so to

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