Love is hard part 71

A few hours later saiyam woke up and saw that krishna was still sleeping. He went down stairs and saw yuvaani had come and she was playing with all the children
Yuvaani: hi saiyammm
She got up and hugged saiyam
Saiyam: when did u comee
Yuvaani: an hour ago

Saiyam: why didnt u wake me up silly
Yuvaani: no its okay all these lovely kids kept me company. How did u gather so many
Saiyam: just u know found them. Okay anyways did u eat anything. U came early.
Yuvaani:haan i thought i come early because i was really missing u
Saiyam: acha kiya haiii

Yuvaani: saiyaammm ur meant to say i missed u to
Saiyam: haan i miss u to
They both laughed
Later krishna woke up and came down. they ate and had tea .
Krishna: Saiyam did u introduce angle to yuvaani
Yuvaani: who is angle

Saiyam: nai i didnt. Okay i will bring her
Yuvaani: who will u bring
Krishna: u can see wait.
Saiyam came holding angle

Yuvaani sprung upp: its a babyyy
Yuvaani: this is angle??
Saiyam: haan, this is angle. She is only one month old.
Yuvaani: i want to hold herr
Krishna: haan of course.
Yuvaani took her and loved her alot
Yuvani: she is soo tiny and so cutee and sooo small

Saiyam: haan she is so lovley
Yuvaani got really attached to angle
Yuvaani: i wish karan was here and he could see her to. He loves children.
Krishna: thats fine we will bring him here soon
At 5:00 in the evening saiyam told krishna and Yuvani to get ready for the part
As they left saiyam whispered in yuvaanis ear
Saiyam whisperd: meri bivi ko ache se tiyaar karne teek hai

Yuvaani: haan haan when u see her u wont be able to take ur eyes of her
Saiyam also went and got ready
Yuvaani was putting on make up on krishna and doing her hair
Krishna: yuvani kitna make up lagoa gi i look like a dulhann. Or party daadi ki hai meri nahi
Yuvaani: acha na lag lo. Or yeh patao, did u like the night suits i packed for u
Krishna: g nahi yuvani, asa koi karta hai kya. I was soo shocked to see all those mini dresses
Yuvaani: did u wear them then

Krishna: nope, saiyam could see i wasn’t comfortable and got me nee ones
Yuvaani: really. Wow he cares for u so much. So how was ur honeymoon, u didnt plan for more kids did u
Krishna: yuvaani sharam karo vasai har vact asai baate karti ho tum. Everyone is waiting for ur good news to acha.

Yuvaani: uff if i could i would adopt angel she is just soo cute. How did saiyam find such a tiny baby
Krishna: someone left her outside by the front door. Becuase they new that there were orphans here
Yuvaani: who wouldnt want angle

Krishna: who wouldnt want saiyam.
They both were lost in thought when a maid came in the same one that was speaking to saiyam earlier.
Maid :wowwww u look soo lovleyy. Its no nice to dress up and go ti gatherings.
Saiyam also walked in and got mesmerised seeing krishna
Saiyam: yuvaani yeh krishna hai
Yuvani: g haan yeh krishna hai.

Maid: she looks beautiful. I wish i could go to parties they sound so fun
Yuvaani: have u never been to any.
Maid: no i am an orphan so i have no family or friends. I stay here.
Krishna: whats ur name
Maid: my name is priya

Saiyam: priya if u want to u can come to our party.
Yuvaani: haan it will be really good. Our family will really like u .
Priya: no no I couldn’t interfere in ur family events
Saiyam:heyy u all are part of my family.
Krishna: priya u will come today.

Priya: i have no special cloths or jewellery though.
Yuvaani: well lucky for u on the way i had to pick up some suits from the dry cleaners and krishna has some jewellery
Saiyam: haan so u can borrow theirs.
Priya eyes got watery.

Yuvaani: priya why are u crying
Priya: i am just so happy becuase i have never had anyone before just these kids have become my life .
Yuvanni and Krishna hugged her
Krishna: we are ur family okay .
Saiyam smiled
An hour later they all left. Saiyam kept krishna in the car and priya and Yuvani went inside.
Kriyam were still in the car
Krishna: why dont we go inside.

Saiyam: becuase i wanted to tell u how amazing u look.
Krishna blushed: i think i am a bit overdressed
Saiyam: no no u look wanderful.
Saiyam in mind: i cant wait for u to see what we have all planned for h

In the house

Yuvaani: okay everyone hidee they are here i will message saiyam to come in but close the lights
Rags: haan and when they come in eveyone say suprise and throw these flower petals.
Kriyam walked in
Krishna: where is everyone and why are the lights turned of
Suhani: krishnaaa u lookk soo good
Krishna: haan per yeh sab
Bari daadi: this is a suprise gohd barai.

Krishna had watery eyes and hugged everyone.
Bhavnaa: we sent u away so we could do decorations and all so wen u come back we could give u this suprise
Saiyam: haan so it was all for u

Yuvraaj: did u like ir
Krishna: i am the most luckiest person to have a family like this
Karan: krishna yaar u look amazing.
Krishna: ur lovely wife got me ready . They all sat down and danced and played games and sang
Saiyam: maa papa, this is priya. She lives and works in my house. I thought i bring her here and introduce u to her.

Priya: hello maam and sir
Suhani: wow u have such pretty eyes
Yuvraaj: u can call me uncle and call suhani auntie
Priya: thank u so much. And i am so sorry i didnt bring anything i am coming here for the first time
Saiyam: u started again yaar priya

Suhani: priya come i will introduce to everyone
They both went
Yuvraaj: is she the maid of ur house
Saiyam: haan. She is also an orphan. And she is really different, nice and innocent really decent. She spends her time with all the ktrr children
Yuvraaj: u did a good thing bringing her she looks like from a very good upbringing
Saiyam: kaka has bought her up
Yuvraaj: ohh haan is he the one i met once in the market

Saiyam: haan haan him
Yuvraaj: she has no family does she
Saiyam: nope she is alone in this world
Yuvraaj:ask to stay her sometimes for a few days she will like it .

Saiyam: really i was thinking the same
They both continued to talk and eveyone had fun with gifts passed round and all

Precap: unexpected guest

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