Love is hard part 70

This episode starts with kriyam at the airport
Krishna: saiyam so we will reach back home 6:00 in the morning
Saiyam: haan, but no one will be home so we will go and stay in my house
Krishna: okay haan thats fine. Byt why wont they be home. So early in the morning
Saiyam: i dont know thats what ma told me
Krishna: i would love to se angle. We havnt seen her in so long
Saiyam: haan i miss her to

Krishna: i had soo much fun here. The food the shopping the beach the room everything was soo good
Saiyam: haan it was nice
Later there flight came and they took of back home
They reached back to saiyams house really early in the morning

Kaka: areyy what an early suprise tum dono idher is timer per
Saiyam: haan voh abhi aye ghaar per koy hai nai so i thought we come here
Kaka: haan bilkul theek hai. U guys must be tired go and rest now
Saiyam: haan krishna u go i will go see angle and bring her to u

Krishna: okay
Krishna went to her room and lay down
Saiyam went to see angle. She was still sleeping but he picked her up anyway and took her to krishna
He went into the room and saw that krishna was sleeping he smiled and put angle next to her in the bed and left the room
Saiyam called yuvraaj to tell him that eveything was going to plan
Saiyam: hello papa

Yuvraaj: kase ho i have been waitng for ur call for so long
Saiyam: haan sorry per everyone and everything is fine.
Yuvraaj: okay i dropped a lehnga and jewlery set at ur house so make krishna wear that and tell her that there is a party here.
Saiyam: haan teek hai. Papa can u send yuvaani here around the time krishna needs to start getting readh
Yuvraj: okay teek hai but why
Saiyam: voh yuvaani bohut ache se tiyaar karte hai so thats why

Yuvraaj: haan and because ur missing
Saiyam: apko kase pata hai
Yuvraaj: tunhara papa jo hoon.
Saiyam: i love u. Okay i will hang up now and make sure yuvaani comes on time
Yuvraaj: haan i will byee
Saiyam held the phone and the maid came to him
Maid: would u like some tea or anything

Saiyam: haan please can i have some coffee other wise i wont get time
Maid: why is that
Saiyam: voh my family are having a suprise baby shower for krishna today so i will be to busy
Maid: awe thats so nice. Its dream to become a mom and have a life partner.
Saiyam: u are not married
Maid: no i am also an orphan so no one really likes to marry people like us

Just then the maid got called
Maid: i will bring ur coffee to ur room
And she went
Saiyam was thinking about what the main had just said to him
He went to the room and saw krishna playing with angle

Saiyam: i thought u were sleeping
Krishna: i was but then angle decided to wake up
Saiyam: okay wait i will bring her milk
Saiyam went and got a feeder for angle and also picked up krishnas dress
Saiyam: acha angle ko muje doh let me feed her

Krishna: is bad mein kya hai
Saiyam: when we go back daadi is having that party and yuvaani will come later to get u ready as well
Krishna: oh okay teek hai. I am going to sleep then

Saiyam: haan go to sleep fir a few hours i will feed angle and then i will sleep to
Saiyam went out the room and walked around with angle while feeding her milk.

Saiyam smiled and wished for angle to have a beautiful life a while later when angle fell asleep he took her with her to the room and all three of them slept

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