Love is hard part 69

Sorryyy guys i have been so so busy but i am back now.

The second day of kriyams honeymoon they both went out for shopping
Saiyam: krishna have u bought something for everyone at home
Krishna: haan i got for everyone
Saiyam: krishna look do u like this dress for angle
Krishna: awee its so cute, we havnt seen angle in such a long time
Saiyam: okay when we go back we will see her.
Krishna: she will be bigger now, remember how tiny she was when we saw her
Saiyam: haan and i put her to sleep and u played with her
Krishna: we will be doing all this with our little angle to
Saiyam: krishna i cant wait that long, i want to hold my baby in my hands now
Krishna: acha toh meh kya karoon
They both laughed

They were walking around more when they bumped into someone
Saiyam: priyaa?
Priya: saiyam
Saiyam: tum kasi ho
Priya: saiyam tum batao paleh. U disappeared. Do u know how alone i got when u left
Saiyam: i am so sorryyy, maaf kardo
Priya: first introduce me to ur wife
Saiyam: krishna this is priya. She was my bestfriend when i was small
Krishna: hii nice to meet u
Priya: woww saiyam, u got lucky, such a beautiful wife
Krishna: no i got lucky to have saiyam
Priya: han yeh be hai saiyam is very lovely
Saiyam and priya were talking for a long time and krishna got irritated
Saiyam saw this and teased her more
Saiyam: so priya why dont u join us for lunch
Priya: no no, u guys are on honeymoon
Krishna was getting jelouse
And Saiyam laughed
A few mins later priya left
Saiyam: achaa tohh krishna jelouse hai
Krishna: g nahi, i am not jelouse at all
Saiyam: so u liked priya, she is very nice
Krishna: saiyam haan very nice.
Saiaym laughed

At night time kriyam were in their room
Krishna was getting changed but screamed
Saiyam: kya huaa
Krishna:look at what yuvaani packedd saiyamm
Saiyam: what did she pack
Krishna: i have no other nighty yaar
Saiyam: i think it looks great
Krishna: haan tumhe toh achi lagigi
Saiyam: acha pehnlo abhi
Krishna put it on and it was a see through gown that came just above her knees
She wasn’t comfortable at all wearing this
Saiyam saw

Saiyam: krishna ur not comfortable na, its okay we will go a buy some
Krishna: but saiyam, u are tired its fine
Saiyam: okay, i will just do some romance then
Krishna: saiyam i am so tired
Saiyam: u said that u wont stop me
Krishna: acha teek hai but tomorrow
Saiyam didnt let her speak and kissed her then and there.
Saiyam: u look so s*xy rite now, how can i not romance with u
Krishna blushed and they both had a night of love sessions

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  1. hy, after a long tym we get any kriyam episode….splendid one …waiting for nxt one

  2. So nice and awesome kriyam episode please update like this only . please update regularly . more concrete on kriyam scenes like this only . waiting so much for next update .I loved ur ff so much

  3. Muniya

    Awwwww…such a cute epi…
    Loved it dear…
    Thanks for updating…there was no update of Kriyyam ff for two days…
    Love both u and ur story…

  4. Who is Angel in this?

  5. Karshti_lover

    Krishna is pregnant and love making sessions are not good for the can cause problems..keep that in mind when you write the next part?

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