Love is hard part 68

Karan in my story is going to be viraat from another drama called ek hazaron mein meri behna hai. So in my story karan is virat if u get what i say.

Krishna and saiyam were in thier room krishna was up and hyper, eating her pizza. While saiyam was looking at her in shock and half asleep
Saiyam: krishna ur not normal
Krishna: eveyone likes pizza
Saiyam: not 3:00 in the morning
Kriahna: toh when did i say u have to eat, u go to sleep
Saiyam: i dont think i can sleep over your noises that your making
Krishna was enjoying her pizza so she sighing and humming while eating it
Krishna: okay dont sleep
Saiyam: y are pregnant women so crazy
Krishna: because we need to carry a baby for nine months, and we expect our husbands to do whatever we want for us
Saiyam:i am going to sleep
A while later they both slept again
In the birla mansion everyone was busy decorating the house in the morning
Bhavnaa: karan can u belive that were doing this gohd barai for krishna
Karan: haan auntie time has gone past so fast
Both bhvnaa ans karan were putting up decorations with eacothrs help
Bhavnaa: so when will we do a gohd barai for yuvaani
Karan: when she turns pregenant
Bhavnaa: so when will she turn pregnant
Bhavnaa was teasing karan and making him shy.
Yuvaani came and asked to help
Bhavnaa: karan tell ur love what i was telling u
Yuvaani: probably complaining about me
She laughed
Bhavnaa: g nahi, i was asking when will u turn pregneant
Yuvaani and karan both got embarrassed and went thier sperate ways
Bhavnaa laughed.
In karani room
Yuvaani: karan yeh massi kya kereti
She said while laughing
Karan: uff yuvaani in this house the elderes are more naughty then the
Yuvaani: oh really, haan toh of course u dont know anything, ur just a child
Karan: me, i dont know anything,oh hello do u know who i am, i am the romance king
Yuvaani: meine toh koy khaas romance nahi dehka tumse
Karan: haan so i can show u rite now
Yuvaani was quite busy in sorting out cloths so she was really seriouse about anythinf
Karan went and locked the door amd came behind yuvaani and hugged her.
Yuvaani: yess, now what are u buttering me for
She said laughing
Karan: muje kuch nahi attaa na
Yuvaani: nope
Karan kissed her neck from behind and hugged her tigter
Yuvaani: karan tum kya kare ho, itna kaam para va hai
Karan: hann so u do ur work and let me do mine, romacing with my wife is very important as she thinks i know nothing
Yuvaani was breathing heavily now and karan was kissing her neck. He turned her around and kissed her cheek making yuvaani so neevouse till she couldnt take it anymore. Karan kisses her lips and made yuvaani moan.
They both hugged
Karan: see i do know things
Yuvaani gave a peck to karan on the lips, haan my king does know alot
They both laughed and everyone continued the decorating

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  1. Muniya

    Awesome update dear…
    Kriyyam scene was very nice…
    Loved Yuvaani and Karan scene too…
    And the best thing about u is that u always consider ur reader’s request…and give beautiful scenes.
    Love u dear…

  2. So nice kriyam scene ur ff is so nice I’m silent reader of ur ff .ur ff is so nice and awesome please continue and publish the ff daily and try to write more lengthy chapter na .I loved ur ff so much . many writters r leaving the ff in middle ur really writing ever day . Love u so much

  3. just Iove it…thnk u sooo much.

  4. Hey! OMG i just love your fanfic. Thank you for updating regularly also i know another fan suggested Karan and Yuvani scenes. Please can you make the main focus Kriyam and lots of Kriyam scenes. Just stating my opinion. Other than that i love your fan fic have read all the episodes and it is the one thing i look foward to everyday. Thank you and keep up the great work!❤️?????✨✨✨✨

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