Love is hard part 67

Kriyam were walking on the beach together after they just had food, they were both holding hands and walking half in the water and half in the sand.
Saiyam: krishna have u thought of any names
Krishna: nahi not yet, have u
Saiyam: umm if we get a princess, I like the name PARI
Krishna: pari?
Saiyam: haan,it means fairy

Krishna: awe that’s so sweet. And how about if it’s a boy.
Saiyam:for boy I havnt realy thought of an but I like the name sahir
Krishna: I like I to..sahir….pari
Saiyam: imagine having twins
Krishna: oh hello twins look cute but their soo hard to handle
Saiyam: kitni lazy ho tum
Krishna: really, at least u are not carrying a baby in your womb
Saiyam: acha acha sorry.

They both walked in each others arms and back to their hotel.
At night time kriyam were both sleeping after a long session of lovemaking
Krishna: saiyam wake upp
Saiyam: naii sone do I am tired
Krishna: naii its very urgent, wake up
Saiyam: kya hai yaar
Krishna: I want pizza

Saiyam: kishna its 3:00
Krishna: noo I want pizza
Saiyam: are u not tired after what we did an hour ago
Krishna: nahi, I want pizza, lets go
Saiyam woke up and kishna was wide awake
Krishna: y do u have such cravings at weird times
Krishna: I don’t know
Saiyam: we can have pizza tomorrow, for now go to sleep, there will be no pizza places open anyways

Krishna: okay u sleep I am going to get pizza… where is your wallet
Saiyam:haan its on the table over there
And krishna walked out.
Saiyam just realized what krishna asked and ran out
Saiyam: krishnaa, rukhoo
Krishna: see I knew u would come
They both walked in the mall looking for a pizza place to be opened
Saiyam: see I told u, there is no pizza place open lets go back now
He said this is a sleepy childish voice
Krishna: saiyammmmmm

She shouted
Saiyam: kya huaaa
Krishna: look there is a pizza place opened.
Saiyam sighed and they both went to get pizz anad went back to their room.

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  1. Muniya

    I read all the epis in one go and all were fantastic…
    Thanks for these back to back epis…

  2. Fantastic but plz post yuvani and Karan scenes also

  3. Shabnam

    superb dear kriyam romance their nok jhock amazing I read your all ff in one go all are lovely keep writing love you for giving amazing update kriyam really miss kriyam ????????????????????

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