Love is hard part 66

Suhani: Saiyam have u packed all your cloths properly
Yuvraaj: it’s really warm in Dubai so make sure u take Sumery things
Saiyam: hann I packed well
Pratima:challo good, have fun and call us when u reach there.
Eveyone was saying bye to krishna
Saiyam looked and thought: I am going to make this the best week for u Krishna first honeymoon and then suprise baby shower in the day we come back.
He saw her smiling and laughing.

Eveyone said bye to Saiyam as well and they left .
They reached there and managed to put all there luggage away and sit in the plane
Saiyam: okay krishna just remember u can’t have any thing to spicy and not to much sweet
Saiyam was only teasing her
Krishna: saiyammm kyaaa, Hum Dubai jare hai and u are telling me not to eat so much…. that’s impossible
Saiyam: I don’t want my baby to be so fat and heavy
Krishna: saiyammm

Krishna looked away outside the window
In anger
Saiyam: heyy papree itna ghusa, or voh bhi khane ke uper
Krishan: I don’t want to talk to u
Saiyam: okay I am sorry
He took her hand
Saiyam: u can eat whatever u like I won’t stop u
Krishan smiled: okay
Saiyam: ur so childish
Krishna:deal with it
They both laughed.

They reached to Dubai and entered thier room after completing the formalities
Krishan: wowww it’s such a nice rooom

Saiyam: wowww I have such a beautiful wife
While Krishna was looking around the room, Saiyam sat on the bed and o my stared at her
Krishna: haan it’s soo nice, wait what did say
Saiyam: I said I have such a beautiful wife.
Krishna: Saiyam I am hungry let’s go eat and then will walk on the beach.
Saiyam: A’s my lady wished let’s go
They both set out

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