Love is hard part 65

I have realised that there were few dislikes on my post yesterday. Is that u guys don’t like the romance or is there anything I should improve ?I can do anything to keep my readers happy .

It was morning and Saiyam woke up early to start packing. He was about to get up
When he saw his beautiful wife on his chest
Saiyam: uff yeh krishan ki adat bi, she only sleeps on me.
Saying this a smile appeared on his face
He gently picked her up and put her in the other side. Krishna held his hand while sleeping
Saiyam: heyy Baby, are u seeing this, your mummy doesnnt want to leave me even while she is sleeping. He managed to get up and started his packing
A few mins later yuvaani came in the room

Yuvaani: saiyammm hiii
Saiyam: shushhhhh
Yuvaani: krishna
Saiyam: she is sleeping.
Yuvani: okay dokie, voh I got some dresses for Krishna I will just put them in the suit case
Saiyam: okay haan, it’s on the couch
While Yuvaani packed these night gowns of Krishna’s she had a cheeky smile on her face
Saiyam: yuvaani, come here
Yuvraaj: jii

Saiyam: what are u up to.
Yuvaani started laughing.
Yuvaani: voh kya hai na bahi. In my opinion Bari Daadi thought of ur honey moon to late. Ab dehko na krishna is already pregnant, and u have already made honeymoon in this room. So what will u do there now.
Saiyam: yuvaani, tobah hai vasai. What have u learnt living with karan
Yuvani: oh reallyyy and how about u, every time I see you na u are always trying to romance with krishan
Saiyam: oh hello…I also see u and karan in the corners alll the time.
They continues talking and laughing and krishna was still sleeping. A while later Yuvaani went back to her room

Karan: yuvaani where were u
Karan just woke up and saw yuvaani come in
Yuvaani: mein Saiyam ki help karhi ti packing mein.
Karan: acha, now help me and come back in bed
Yuvaani went back in the bed

And karan Hugged her
Karan: without u,this bed stays to cold.
Yuvaani: oh so u want ur comfort
Karan: no I want u
Yuvaani: acha so karannn, when will u take me for honeymoon
Karan: yuvaani very soon, my work people are not giving me days of
Yuvani: that’s not fair.
Karan smirked: but if u want we can make honeymoon in this room
Yuvaani: no thank u, and I going to sleep again
Karan kissed her cheeks
Yuvani: what was this for

Karan: just, I love u
Yeh both cuddled and slept again after some time
In kriyam room
Saiyam was finishing of packing and putting the suitcases to one side.
Krishan woke up because of the sunlight
Krishan yawned: saiyam
Saiyam: jiii
Krishan: where are u
Krishna’s eyes were still closed

Saiyam came to her.: rite here
Krishna: packing
Saiyam: all done.
Krishan: flight

Krishna: time
Saiyam: 11:00
Krishan: okay
Krishan was drowsy and still half asleep
And Saiyam smiled at her tierness
Saiyam: acha so u don’t need a lot of rest do u, liek u said last night.
Krishna: no baby needs it

Saiyam: Baby isn’t here yet and ur already blaming it.
Krishna put her hands on her bump
Krishna: no no I love baby, baby gave me so much happiness
Saiyam sat down on the bed and put his hand on top of her baby bump as well as Krishna
Saiyam: but I love it to
Krishna: Saiyam what do u want, girl or boy
Saiyam: I want a girl, a daughter
Krishna: I want a girl too

Saiyam: but if it’s a boy I will stil he very very happy
Krishan: hann whatever bahgwaan gives to us I will be happy
Saiyam: do u want to get a scan
Krishan: I don’t mind, a suprise will be nice, what do u think
Saiyam: uff nahi I don’t like surprises they make me think to much
They both laughed
Krishan: okay we will get a scan then when it’s time to
Saiyam: haan there is a lot of time till scan. U will get a scan probably when are 6 months
Krishan: tumhe bara pata hai pregnancy ke bare
Saiyam: haan voh books mein….

Saiyam realised what he just said and krishan started laughing
Krishn: u still read pregnancy books
Saiyam: haan tho isme kya burai hai, now come and eat breakfast Ma was calling u
They both laughed

Precap: honeymoon trip

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    1. Okiii I will …I thought of it but I wasn’t sure because it’s acc kriyam ff and karan is a made up character but I will reveal which actor he is so u all get a better idea of everything

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