Love is hard part 64

Heyy guys I hope u all had a lovely diwali and I am back with another update I am so sorry that my update speed is not so perfect anymore, but I will try to continue posting daily

At night time yuvaani and karan left their room to tell yuvraaj to book their tickets for tomorrow.
Krishna: saiyam I am so Happy we are going out somewhere, it will be just me and u
Saiyam: umm no, not just me and u
Krishna:who else is coming
Saiyam: u already forgot that your one month pregnant
Krishna: haan toh same thing bacha is with me
Saiyam: krishna tumm teek toh ho na
Krishna: why wouldn’t I be
Saiyam: nai just after everything that happened
Krishna hugged saiyam

Krishna: as long as I am with u, nothing will happen to me and I will always be happy
They were both sitting in bed resting against the wall and having their arms wrapper round eachother
Saiyam: but krishna look at what u went through while I was with u
Krishna: saiyam u were with me but u didn’t see any of it, or know any of it
Saiyam: I am sorry
Krishna: okay ab bus no more, this happened like last week so now lets move on.
Saiam: acha teek hai. And tomorrow morning don’t get up early to pack, I will do it for u
Krishna: no no its fine, u also need your sleep. And anyways I am not a kid who needs to get a lot of sleep
Saiyam: haan but my child needs alloy of sleep, so u will stay resting
Krishna: achaaa, so u only care about ur child,and not me
Saiyam: no krishna, I realy care about u aswell,
Krishna: saiyam why are u so worried all time, especially after I got pregnant.
Saiyam: because I want to be a good father and a good husdband at the same time.
Krishna: u are a good husdband and u will be an amazing papa to.
Saiyam kissed krishnas forehead
Saiyam: thank u again krishna for giving me such happiness, thank u soo much
Krishna: saiyam u gave us this happiness, it was a dream of mine to become a mum and give a child soo much happiness
Saiyam: the happiness that u never got
Krishna: and neither did u.
Saiyam: I think because all of out happiness was meant to be spent together
Krishna: haan exactly, okay now your baby is very sleepy
Saiyam: which baby, u orr
Krishna: the one in my womb(laughing)
Saiyam: but krishna I am not in the mood for sleeping now
Krishna: then what are u in the mood for then, because its night time and we have flight tomorrow and the only thing we can do is sleep now
Saiyam:but u didn’t give me a kiss all day krishna, its not fair
Krishna: ohhh so mr birla is in romance mood, well we are going for honeymoon, and I wont stop u over there
Saiyam: acha jii so madamn is excited for romace when we get there
Krishna blushed: saiyam go to sleep now.

They both lay down. Krishnas back was against saiyams chest and his hand wrapped over her and touched her baby bumb
Saiyam was not sleep and krishna was to excited to sleep. Saiyam thought to make a move
He kissed krishnas neck
Krishna: saiyammm
Saiyam kept romacing till krishna turned round to face him
Krishna: tum kitne zidii ho vasai
Saiyam: I wont let u sleep till I get a kiss, and if u don’t give a kiss, I will give u my speacil kiss
Krishna: acha so u think ur special kiss is scary . I am sleepy and I want to sleep
Saiyam: okay I think I will just have to
Before krishna could turn around saiyam attacked her pils and sucked her toung, krishna was moaning and this turned saiyam on more. He took his hands all the way down under the blanket and pleasured her while touching her down on her sensitive part, they fell a sleep a while after krishna moaning and enjoying.

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