Love is hard part 63

I am sorry guys I am posting to late. But happy Diwali to those who celebrate, I don’t celebrate as I am Muslim but to those who do have a great day. Anyways the Yuvaan track and he will be back soon

One week later. Yuvaan is living in a hostel by himself and no contact from the birla family at all. Eveything is back to normal Saiyam went to Bari daadi room
Saiyam: Bari dadi
Bari daadi: haan beta, kuch chay hai
Saiyam: haan I wanted to ask u something but u are getting ready to sleep and rest so I will come back later
Bari dadi: Saiyam koi bat nai, I can always make time for u, now tell me
Saiyam: voh krishna was saying u have a party next week, and I was going out so if u need anything I can get
Bari daadi: ohh haan I had to tell u but it slipped out my mind
Saiyam: tell me what
Rags walked in
Rags: daadi I didn’t tell Saiyam, okay I will tell him
Saiyam: tell me what (while laughing)
Rags: this party is for Krishna
Saiyam: for krishna, but it’s not her birthdah or anything
Bari daadi: Saiyam we are doing a suprise gohd barai for her
Saiyam: really
Saiyam Hugged rags and daadi in excitement and happines
Saiyam: thank u so much.krishan will get so happy, okay tell me what do I do
Rags: u need to just keep krishan away from all these decorating things because we want this gohd barai to be a huge function. Loads of decoration and food
Saiyam: haan I will also help

Bari daadi: no u will go out for a few days and stay wherever u wish so when u come back just make sure that krishan isn’t tired from the journey so she can enjoy the function
Rags: are u Okay with this idea
Saiyam: haan but papa and Ma
Just then yuvraaj and subani came in
Suhani: we know about all this and we want u to take krishan out somewhere for a few days.
Saiyam: okay teek hai.
Yuvraaj: and make krishan dress really really nicely
Karan and yuvani came in
Karan: what’s happening here.
Rags told him the plan and all
Yuvaani: wowww Krishan will get so happy, she soo lucky
Suhani: haan I thought she just needs a break from all this.
Karan: it’s a good idea I am not happy with how she got treated
Saiyam: she didn’t deserve it
Bari daadi: but it’s okay because we will make her happy now

Later at night
Krishna: Saiyam where were u
Saiyam: voh Bari daadi ke saath
Krishan: oh okay.
Saiyam: krishna If u wanted to go anywhere where would u go
Krishna: I would go to Dubai
Saiyam: oh really, haan Dubai is nice
Krishna: why u asking
Saiyam: because we are going tomorrow for a few days
Yuvaani and karan came in
Yuvaani: krishna did he tell you
Krishna: haan but y so suddenly
Yuvaani: oh ho Krishna forget that, but u are going for honey moon
Karan: Bari dadi said to Saiyam to go wherever u guys want to go for a break. U chose Dubai and papa will book your tickets
Krishan: I am so excited. It will be so fun
Yuvaani: not to much fun ur already pregnant
Saiyam: Yuvaanii
They all laughed

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