Love is hard part 62


I am so sorry for updating so late I have just been very busy in the last few days and I will be getting more busier so I might start posting a bit less anyways let’s get back

Yuvraaj: those who do not respect women have no place in this house
Karan: papa, he was not only disrespecting he was going to murder
Suhani: karan tum kya kare ho
Yuvraaj: Saiyam what is karan saying
Yuvaan: nahi nahi I was not doing anything as such
Karan: papa he wanted to kill Krishna’s baby
Krishna ran out the room followed by Saiyam and yuvaani
Suhani: yuvaan get lost from here rite now
Yuvaan left the room and Suhani broke down
Yuvraaj held Suhani and supported her
Yuvraaj: I know what u are thinking Suhani, but please don’t, yuvaan just got insane, please don’t relate him to that monster
Suhani: yuvaan was someone who I loved so much never thought wrong of, and now I have to send him away.
Yuvraaj: bass Suhani stop crying now.
In kriyams room
Yuvaani and karan and krishna were all tenced
Krishna was holding her stomach
Krishna: after such a long time I got so much happiness, and only one, and people want to take that away from me as well
Yuvaani: nahi krishna, kuch nahi hoga tumhara bacha ko. Saiyam won’t let anything happen, look even today he saved u

Krishna: and If Saiyam didn’t reach on time what would have happend to me
Saiyam: krishna why are u thinking about what could have happend and what not. Now please stop crying, I can’t see u like this. Saiyam went and cupped Krishna’s face pleases stop all these tears now krishna
Yuvaani: haan krishna and there is no more yuvaan now, his punishment is that he has to stay away from his home for some time
Krishna: I am so scared, I want my Baby and I don’t want anyone even thinking of taking it away
Saiyam: krishna u started again, now no one will think of it okay. Now bas
A few minutes later Karan came in really angry
Yuvaani: karan what happend to u, why are u so angry.
Karan: I just hate men who want to ruin other people’s happiness and disrespect them
Yuvaani: okay karan calm down sit here
Karan: krishna…where is she

Saiyam: here, will u explain to her please that nothing will happen now
Karan: krishna, bass ab
Krishna: because of me subani auntie will have to go through so much
Yuvaani: now what are u saying
Krishna: she has to be away from the person she is so attached to and she will see her worst night mare in Yuvaan now
Saiyam: toh Isme tumhari kya galati hai
Karan: krishna bas ab no more crying
Yuvaani: okay challo karan and Saiyam will take us out to the city today
Saiyam: haan good idea, Let’s fo see the new movie
Karan: u will come krishna okay
Krishna: okay
They all smiled and all hugged

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