Love is hard part 61

This episodes starts in Kriyams room
Saiyam: krishna I am going to tell ma eveything, before he does anything else
Krishna: acha teek hai I will also come with u
Saiyam: I want karan and yuvaani to Cole with me and I think I should also call abir
Krishna: haan u should call abir, if there isn’t so much proof she will never belive us
Saiyam: acha u go and call karan and yuvaani I will go get abir
They both went there seperate ways
While Krishna was walking she got pulled over by someone. It was yuvaan.
Yuvaan: I know exactly what u we’re going to do, confront me and then tell ma
Krishna: yuvaan mera haat Choro.
Yuvaan: if I don’t what will u do huh, will u go and tell Saiyam.
Krishna: yuvaan leave me

Yuvaan: nahi krishna, I love u, why don’t u understand that. I will not let u go
Krishna: yuvaan bas karo, i married, happily, I am pregnant yuvaan.
Yuvaan: I don’t care krishna. I love u and I want to u and if u don’t i will force u
Krishna lost her courage hearing those words and got very scared yuvaan stared at her up and down in dirty intentions and got close to her. Krishna kept trying to push him away but he wouldn’t let go. Just then someone came and held his arm with a tight and pain full grip. It was karan.
He pushed yuvaan away and kept krishna behind him.
Karan: have u got no shame, she is pregnant yuvaan, and just because u say u love her I want to take away all happiness from her, I don’t know what this kind of love is but it is disgusting karan
Saiyam: whats happening here, I heard karan shouting and came here
He looked at krishna
Saiyam: why are u Krishna, kya hua, and karan why are u shouting, yuvaan tum zameen per kya kare ho
Karan: I will tell u Saiyam, this yuvaan, ur brother, was trying to force krishna, threaten her about not telling suhani auntie, krishna got hurt because of how tightly yuvaan held her.
Saiyam was blasting with angerrr he went to yivaan and slapped him hard
Saiyam shouted: q yuvaan, why u thought I would turn out to be someone dirty like this, because I am the one who has the blood of a rapist running through my veins. But it seems that u have it,
Saiyam voice ripped through his throat: I have the dirty mind yuvaan.
Saiyam held him by his collar and slapped him again
Saiyam: krishna is my wife, krishna is the mum of my child, It’s impossible that Krishna becomes yours.
Krishna was crying badly and karan has to hold her.
Saiyam went to krishna who was in karans arms: kuch nahi hua krishna, dehko I came on the rite tkme
Saiyam has watery eyes
Saiyam: karan, what did yuvaan do to her, why is she so upset that she she cant even talk
Saiyam faces yivaan and held his collar : WHAT DID U DO TO KRISHNA YUVAAN
Karan: Saiyam, yuvaan tumhara bacha ko girane walla tha

Karan words echoed in the store room where they were
Saiyam creases his fists and dug his nails into his palms. He punched yuvaan
Yuvaan: Saiyam it’s not my fault I love krishna
Karan: basss, u don’t know what love is, u we’re going to take her dreams and happiness away and ruin her life. U tried to force her, this is what u call love
Krishna: karan please take me from here, Saiyam I want to go to daidu I want to go to Suhani auntie
Saiyam: haan krishna him sab chalte hai
Saiyam dragged yuvaan out by his shoulder and yuvaani was already there
Suhani: aray where were u all
Yuvraaj: Yuvaan what are these bruises on your face and krishna
Yuvraaj panicked: krishna why are u crying.
Suhani: Saiyam, karan kya masla hai
Karana nd Saiyam explained all this thT happend about the fake report, Saiyam Sanger, yuvaan harrasing
Suhani: nahi nahi yeh yuvaan nahi kar sak ta nahi
Yuvraaj: krishna is this all true
Krishna: haan
Yuvraaj showerd yivaan with slaps: I have no more space for u in my house, if u can’t respect women, I can’t respect u
Yuvaan: nahi papa please I am sorry
Suhani: bass yuvaan get lost
Just then abir came in
Abir: anutie, uncle all this is true. Yuvaan has been discussing all his plans with me.
Subani: everything u did yuvaan has reminded me of
Saiyam: my dad
Suhani broke down and cried and yuvraaj handled her
Yuvraaj: get lost from here Yuvaan and only return when u have got Sense

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  1. Muniya

    Wow the epi was fantastic…
    Yuvaan is so disgusting..
    But Loved it how Karan and Sayyam saved his Krishna from him…
    Finally YuvAni comes to know about his evil plans…
    Really Loved the epi dear…
    Come back soon with next one….

  2. Fidato

    Oh….Thank you…you end this yuvaan…he is such filthy person…. In ssel they didn’t show anything…and Suhani always praised his son never known about his selfish intentions….

  3. Amazing dear update next part soon

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