Love is hard part 60

Before I start I must say thank u to all of u who bought me to 60 episodes, I always wanted to write a ff but I was to scared about people may think of it. So thank u for all the time u take out to read my work and all the support u leave behind in the amazing comments that I really look forward to read. Please do continue to give me track suggestions.

It was the next morning. Krishna was on the dressing table drying her hair after a shower. Saiyam came in without krishna realising and hugged her from her back placing his hands on her tiny baby bump.
Krishna jumped: Saiyam tum khab aye.
Saiyam: abhi
Krishna: okay I will get ur juice and u have a shower
Saiyam: krishna I love u
Krishna: I love u to
Saiyam kept his positions by hugging her nd having his hands kept on his baby.
Krishna: Saiyammm tum kya kare ho.
Saiyam: enjoying
Krishna: okay I don’t have time for all your enjoying there is lots to do
Saiyam: abhi yaar krishna ab kya hora hai
Krishna: patani, Bari daadi said there will be a small party or something next week, so I want to help
Saiyam: okay u can help later just help me for now
Krishna: what help do u neeed
Saiyam: I meed my morning kiss which u didn’t give me because u think that your shower is more important
Krishna: Saiyam it’s not important that I have to give u, it’s your turn as well
Saiyam: oh really… so u want me…Saiyam Birla… to kiss u
Krishna knew she made a mistake saying that
Krishna: haan a small one would be nice
Saiyam: do u not know me or something, there is no small kiss things in my life. But anyways let me continue with your wish

Krishna: no its oka……
Saiyam didn’t let her finish and attacked her lips keeping his hands on her bump. He sucked her lips and made her moan
They stopped due to lack of oxygen but before krishna could say anything again he smashed his lips back on her making his grip tighter around her waist and letting his hands explore her waist and back.
Krishna started kissing him back and they had a war of sucking.
Saiyam: would u like more, or shall I continue at night
Krishna blushed: Saiyam how shameless are u becoming day by day
Saiyam: krishna don’t worry my darling I will also teach u how to become like me.
They both laughed
Krishna: Saiyam what will we do about yuvaan. Eveyone needs to know what he is like
Saiyam: krishna if we tell this to ma don’t u think she will break re calling her past with my dad
Krishna: Saiyam I never thought of this
Saiyam: but Krishna she needs to know, and yuvaan needs to be a taught a lesson
Krishna: will u confront him
Saiyam: I will confront him infromt of everyone.
Krishna: but when.

Saiyam: krishna I don’t know but I promise I will think of something wth karan.
Krishna: I don’t need any promises from u, I trust u more than my slef
Saiyam: u still trust me after how I treated u
Krishna: Saiyam how many times do I need to tell u that it wasn’t ur fault, I love I and I can understand what u went through and what u are going through
Saiyam: thank krishna, pata hai that u are the star the shines and shows me which path to take. So I am sure that u will also find a soloution to this
Krishna: we will find a soloution together

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