Love is hard part 58

Saiyam: haan where is he
Yuvaani: he said he will be here in five minutes
Krishna: I am really scared about hearing what he’s up to
Karan: don’t be krishna, we are all with u
Saiyam: haan me and karan won’t let anyone touch u and yuvaani
Someone: hello sorry I got a bit late
Karan: no no it’s okay

Someone: I am abir, yuvaans friend and I am ready to help u with anything
Saiyam: haaan we need a lot of your help
Abir: is eveything okay?
Yuvaani: nahi nothing is okay with yuvaan
Abir: with yuvaan??
Krishna: come let’s leave and talk in the cafe
They all left and reached there, after ordering some cake a coffe they sat down to discuss the happenings
Abir: haan now will someone tell me what’s going on and what’s happend to yuvaan
Saiyam raised his voice: tumhara dost bilkul pagal ho Gaya hai, he has lost all his senses of respect
Karan: Saiyam calm down we are inside

Yuvaani: I will tell him, if Saiyam does he will probably explode if anger again
Abir: uff Tobah kya kiya hai unse
Krishna: he tried to molest me
Abir was shocked: he tried to what…
Krishna: he looked at me with wrong intentions and touched me and tried to also kiss me
Krishna has tears in her eyes and her voice for heavy
Yuvaani: and then I came on the rite time and pulled krishna away from him
Abir: u can’t be serious, he told me he was going to try again, but I didn’t think he would go this far
Kriyama and karani looked at eachother
Karan: try what again ????

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